The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Boss Chapter 254

Chapter 254 Of Course I’ll Go

Noah’s body stiffened fiercely as his expression became ugly.

“Y-You knew about that?” He thought that he had done it stealthily enough.

He especially picked small shareholders who joined Stanton Corporation afterward to acquire their shares, but he was unexpectedly still found out. we world Nicole smiled.

Stanton Corporation is my father’s blood anal, not something passed down from our predecessors, Logically speaking, you have no share of this pie, My father hasn’t exposed you only out of his brotherly love for you, but if this goes on, you’ll lose even that affection…”

Noah was completely at a loss for words, His eyes flashed with a trace of remorse and regret. At that moment, he had lost the anger he had when he came here. Now, he was like a frozen statue, absent-minded.

Nicole put the printed photos in Noah’s hand. “Uncle Noah, you don’t want our money to fall into the hands of those two women, right?” Noah turned his head and left without saying a word Nicole snorted softly and lowered her head to send a message to Floyd.

(You can come home now!) OveWo Logan still looked astonished. “President Nicole, aren’t you going to catch Jade and Lydia?” It was a huge sum of money.

They took away almost all their family assets in Jericho City.

Nicole raised her brows. “There’s no need. Let Uncle Noah find them. That way, he’ll get a sense of accomplishment if he does things personally…”

He would not know how much he hated them unless he caught them himself! After this matter was solved, Grant could not help but praise her for a time during the meeting.

Now, everyone in the company knew Tovaworld about this matter and how crisp and sharp Nicole’s methods were.

She was not like a novice in the workplace at all, much less a spoiled princess who did not know how to do anything.

She was truly impressive and worthy of respect. In Ferguson Corporation. Eric just came out of the conference room when Mitchell followed him.

“President, the list of invitees for the World Business Conference is out.

You’re among the invited again. Do you need to arrange the itinerary in advance?” The conference was a private gathering of famous entrepreneurs around the world but did not take into account a person’s social status.

What was more important was the influence of the person in the world business community.

There were only a dozen institutes in the world. Many had heard of it before, but few had ever seen it with their own eyes.

Eric paused when he took the black invitation with a luxurious gold embossing from Mitchell’s hand, “It’s possible to invite a member to participate, right?” Mitchell looked at him in shock.

It was possible to refer someone, such as rising stars in the business world, to the meeting every year. However, very few people brought others to the conference.

That was because the key to the stability of the circle lay in the balance of various values. If someone came, someone else had to leave.

“President… Who do you want to invite?” ‘Keith? He did not have that qualification though… Eric frow slightly and glanced at Mitchell with a sullen gaze.

“Give the invitation to Nicole. It’s up to her to decide whether to go or not.” novelwoi a His voice was a little cold. He went straight into the office after speaking.

Mitchell guessed Eric’s thoughts wrongly and felt like stomping his feet in frustration.

‘How could I have thought of any other candidates but Ms. Stanton?!’ However, if Nicole appeared in such a high-level closed private business meeting, the Stantons would become even more unstoppable in the future, In the office of Stanton Corporation. Nicole looked at the invitation in front of her.

The name of the invitee was not written, but she could feel the heavyweight of the invitation. world na ekond It was different from any meeting she had attended in the past.

She had heard about this legendary conference when she was learning entrepreneurship in Europe. Ordinary people would not be able to join even if they bashed their heads in…

Logan looked at Nicole cautiously. He already felt something off when Mitchell left earlier.

“President, will you be going? I think what Mitchell means is that Mr. Ferguson will definitely go to this meeting…” “Yes, of course I’ll go.

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