The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Boss Chapter 253

Chapter 253 Unfortunate News

Nicole paused in surprise. ‘Huh? Shouldn’t these words have been, “You’re welcome, I didn’t do much”? This freak Eric Ferguson really doesn’t play by the rules… > be Nicole secretly rolled her eyes in her heart, but she maintained a polite smile on the surface.

“I just did.’ Then, she turned and left. Eric spoke up behind her. “Believe it or not, no Pened that night with Chloe nothing to do with me.” an el His expression was tense and slightly unpleasant.

What kind of person was Eric Ferguson? Would he be fixated on such a trivial matter? He even went through the effort to explain himself? Eric repeatedly recalled the way Nicole looked at him that night.

Her eyes were full of distrust. It was like a knife gouging out his heart. For the first time, he experienced the helplessness of not being trusted.

She kicked him out of her world and no longer believed a word he said. Nicole’s back stiffened slightly. Vaishnava Maria She thought of what Logan investigated, so she completely forgot about this matter To her, it did not matter whether he was telling the truth or not. Eric’s attitude and explanation came out of nowhere.

“Mr. Ferguson, it doesn’t matter if you were involved or not. The matter has passed.” Nicole smiled and left.

The plagiarism incident was over, and the so-called Professor Meyer was now detested and shouted at by everyone.

The person who stole the chip was Professor Meyer’s young lover, who was an intern that had just joined J&L Corporation and a classmate of Lydia’s relative arrested by Professor Meyer had police.

The company a MoveWo bankrupt Jericho City started its proceedings. Noah Stanton refused to give up easily and came to Stanton Tower multiple times, refusing to leave and making a big fuss to see Floyd.

“How dare you do this to me? I’m a Stanton!” Nicole sat in her office eating dessert, but she was annoyed to the point where the dessert had lost its taste.

Logan looked at her expression and asked, “Should we get the security guards to escort him out?” The other employees already had this idea for a long time.

However, since Noah was Nicole’s uncle, they did not dare to stand out and propose it. Nicole looked at some photos that the City sent to her and her face sank. “Let him people in Jericho computer in.”

Logan was slightly confused, but he did not dare to object and immediately went out. “I thought you’d be hiding and wouldn’t dare to see me. Nicole, why are you so cold-blooded…”

Noah had stubble lining his jaw, which made him look unkempt. It seemed like he had been quite worried these few days. Nicole poured him a cup of tea and placed it on the table. ) “Uncle, I have unfortunate news for you.”, Noah froze. Nicole’s voice was calm and without warmth.

“As of ten minutes ago, the person in charge of the Jericho City Branch’s finances found that all the funds in our books have gone missing, and all the real estate and stock under your name have been sold.

You don’t even have a fraction of money left to pay to your partners…” He worked a Noah had not even sat down. He stiffened fiercely as he suddenly coughed. His face turned bright red.

“Y-You’re lying!” Nicole projected the photos on her computer directly on the wall so that he could see them clearly. “While you were here kicking up a fuss, your lover and daughter took the money and ran away.

They brought along her security guard husband and escaped far away.

Uncle Noah, don’t you have any wariness of outsiders?” Noah was livid. His bloodshot eyes were cloudy and gloomy as he stared furiously at the towel or The two women wrapped him around their fingers with soft and gentle coaxes.

In the photo, the two women held a lanky middle-aged man. Their sneaky figures could not help but make people’s imaginations go wild regarding their relationship Noah knew that man.

He already got someone to investigate the man after Nicole mentioned it at her birthday party. That man was Jade’s husband, as well as Lydia’s father.

However, Noah was here kicking up a fuss like a fool instead! Nicole saw his reaction and knew that the fire was just about hot enough.

“Uncle “ Noah, my father said that he can help you to pay off the con compensation yowe, but on the condition that you withdraw from all of Stan Corporation’s businesses, including… Stanton Corporation’s shares that you’ve secretly purchased.” She said it unhurriedly, just enough to get the point across.

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