The Claiming by Cooper Chapter 219

The Claiming by Cooper Book 4
The Contest by Cooper (Jaxon & Evangeline)
Chapter 19 Jaxon
Raelyn is hanging on me like a monkey. I’ve thrown her into the air countless times,
especially when I saw Eve get out of the water and saw just how fantastic her body is.
I was partly glad that Raelyn had interrupted out little tease because I was so hard, I
thought my dick was going to explode if she even grazed it accidentally. Once I swam
away, it took at bit, but my dick was finally starting to soften, and then Evangeline had
to go and get out of the water.
I watched as she gracefully pulled herself out of the lake, using the edge of the
overhang where she’d been sitting. Even Raelyn swimming back over and practically
choking me didn’t help my situation. The woman is all grace and confidence and I
swear if there was a private spot in this lake, I’d have relieved my painful erection.
I stay in the water longer than I would have, playing with Raelyn and letting my body
finally calm down. Geez, if I ever do get my chance with Eve, I need to be prepared. I
would hate for our first time together to give her the impression that I’ m a two-pump
chump. That would be mortifying.
When I do finally get out, I’m not paying attention to anything other than Eve in my
peripheral vision. I’m afraid if I look at her, my d*ic*k will instantly respond. So, I’m
distracted and surprised when her father steps in front of me.
“AIpha Jaxon.” He says, his voice serious.
“AIpha Luke.” I say, stopping short and looking at him. He’s close to my height, maybe
an inch or so shorter than I am.
“I don’t need to remind you that my daughter is not yet 18 and unable to identify her
mate, do I?”
“No, Alpha. I am perfectly aware that your daughter is still several months away from
her birthday. Beyond that, I respect that she wants to win this competition. So even if
she finds her mate during the contest, which is very likely, I’m sure she will wait until
the competition is over before making any decisions about accepting her mate.”
He looks at me a long moment. “And what about you, Alpha? Will you be waiting until
the end of the competition if you find your mate?” He asks me.
“That will depend on my mate. If she is in the contest and wants to continue to
compete, I will wait for her and see what happens. If not, then, I would want to accept
my mate as soon as possible so that when I win, she and I can begin to build our pack
together right away.”
He narrows his eyes at me. “You’re very much like your father, do you know that?”
I smile at him. “I’ll take that as a compliment.” I say to him.
He rolls his eyes. “Yeah, he would have too. Just remember what I said, Jaxon. My
daughter wants to win, and I have no doubt that she can. Don’t get in the way of her
winning her pack if that’s what she wants.”
“I would never dream of taking my mate’s dreams away from her. We would just need
to find a way to work together. Which your daughter and I have already discussed.” I
tell him.
His head jerks in surprise. “You have?”
“Yes, Alpha, we have. We had a lot of time together during our run. I took that
opportunity to get to know Evangeline.
And, you may as well know, she has agreed to go on a date with me. I fully intend to
have more than one date with your daughter between now and the next contest.”
He grits his teeth. “That will be up to her.” I nod my head.
“Dad? Jaxon? Is everything alright?” Eve says jogging up to us.
“Yes, Evangeline. I was just making sure that Jaxon and I had an understanding.” He
says before he pulls Eve to him and kissing the top of her head.
“Where is your sister?” He asks.
“The last I saw, Al was chasing after her into the forest.” She tells him.
He sighs a heavy, exasperated sigh. “I’d better go find her before she gets into
something she shouldn’t.” He shakes his head and turns to head into the forest.
I turn to Eve. “I was just getting ready to head back to the packhouse. I want to
shower before dinner. Care to join me?”
“I’d love to. Give me a minute.” She runs back to get her towel and say something to
From the corner of my eye, I see Magdalena smirk, looking over at me, but I’m trying
to find my sister. Rowen left a while ago, Teagan is nowhere to be found, probably
traipsing through the forest with Alpha Alejandro chasing Makayla, but Raelyn is still
hanging out with Harper.
‘I’m heading back, are you good?’ I ask her in the mind link.
Her head pops up. ‘I’m good. Harper wants to swim some more. I’ll stay with her and
Aunt Hana.’
‘Okay, see you at dinner.’ I tell her just as Eve comes jogging back up.
We turn and begin walking back to the packhouse. We’re quiet at first and I wonder if
she’s shy after our little adventure earlier.
I decide to just bring it up. “Well that was…” I say just as she says, “So earlier…”
We both stop talking and look at each other before we burst into laughter.
“You first,” I say.
“No, you first,” she replies.
“I was going to say that that was very enjoyable earlier. The only thing missing my
being able to kiss you.” I tell her honestly.
“Do you think it was the risk of getting caught that made it so exciting?” She asks me.
“For me, I loved touching you. The risk factor just added to the intensity of the
“Me too.”
I stop, looking at her. “So, you liked touching me?” I ask her.
She nods, a pale pink blush spreading across her cheeks.
I step into her space. “Good, because I really liked how it felt when you touched me.
So, feel free to do it any time.” I tell her

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