The Billionaire’s Kick-Ass Wife by Alice Walker Chapter 455

Chapter 455
Frieda leaned against the headboard tiredly with Patriarch Wheeler lying beside her.
They couldn’t fall asleep. Frieda said, with a grim look in her eyes, “Hubby, you saw it
too. Draxton’s wife is a tough woman.
‘She could even make someone like Mr. Chancely suffer.
‘ Hmph, the Lockwood family is really something. I heard that Isabella came from an
ordinary family. The Lockwood family probably allowed Draxton to marry her because
she had something special.”
Patriarch Wheeler said with a sigh, “What’s the use of saying this? What happened
today is a huge blow to our Wheeler family.”
His face turned gloomy as he spoke. The next second, he continued angrily, ‘ But
you’re right. Isabella is indeed a tough woman. Everything that happened today was
because of Isabella. If it weren’t for her, Mr. Chancely would have already gotten
Yvette. Then our cooperation with him would continue smoothly.
‘ Draxton alone already gives us a headache, and now, there’s another troublemaker.
‘But it doesn’t matter. I’ll go to the Barker family’s house tomorrow morning and ask
them for an explanation. They ruined Shelly’s birthday party and our family’s plans.
They offended Mr. Chancely and the President. I’ll go ask them to make it up to us!”
Patriarch Wheeler frowned and said, “But… it has been years since the Barker family
cut their relationship with us. What if they reject our request?”
Frieda said in a stern voice, her face twisted slightly, “How dare they!
‘ Have you forgotten? Manfred owes me! I
“My father favored boys and never took me seriously. When a gang of bandits from
the mountain broke into the town, my mother saved his life. Only then did he care a
little more about me.
“My mother’s brother became a bandit as well later. Manfred led his men to kill him.
“Manfred has never treated me as his biological sister. Even when I married you, he
gave me nothing but a tip of money.
“As for him, he inherited all the property of the Barker family and became the envy of
everyone. Don’t you think he owes me?”
Patriarch Wheeler remained silent. In fact, Manfred killed Frieda’s uncle because he
colluded with the bandits. Coincidentally, those bandits were the ones who killed
Frieda’s mother.
If he were Manfred, he would kill that guy as well.
However, he would not voice his thought, or Frieda would definitely be annoyed.
Frieda continued, “He took over the Barker family’s business and married the
daughter from a noble family. In the early years after I married you, the Wheeler family
was down-and-out. Had he ever given us a hand?
“Why could his daughter marry into the Lockwood family and become the patriarch’s
wife while my daughter could not?
“Hubby, I’ve been bullied by the Barker family all along. This time, I’ll definitely argue
with him and let him know how much he owes me.”
The next day, Isabella and Yvette rose late.
Isabella had already woken up, but she just did not want to get up. It was rare for her
to sleep in. When Betty and Ricky came over, she placed them on the bed.
Draxton was squeezed into the corner of the bed. He sat up and chatted with them.
The room was filled with laughter from time to time.
Unlike Isabella, Yvetter was still asleep. Megan sat by the bed and looked at her
Old people tended to wake up early. At this point, Patriarch Barker and Madame
Barker had come back from their morning exercise and were having breakfast.
However, just as they sat down, Alfred walked in with a gloomy face and said, “Sir,
Madame, the Wheeler family is here.
They’re quite aggressive. I didn’t get anyone to stop them and just let them in.”
Patriarch Barker and his wife looked at each other, then their faces both darkened.
They were no longer in the mood to eat. After a commotion, Frieda, Patriarch
Wheeler, Erica, and Denver walked in.
Actually, they barged in.
There were a bunch of bodyguards behind them.
“Ha! My dear brother and sister-in-law, are you still in the mood to eat?” Seeing them
have breakfast, Frieda became furious instantly.
Patriarch Barker looked at her expressionlessly.
Frieda strode forward and stopped in front of them. She looked at the food on the
table with a sneer before she suddenly raised her hand and lifted the tablecloth.
Instantly, the food on the table all fell to the floor.
The dining hall became a total mess.
“Frieda, are you insane?! Madame Barker cursed angrily.
Patriarch Barker’s face twitched a few times. He slammed the table, shot to his feet,
and raised his hand to slap Frieda hard.
Frieda had not slept much last night. After the slap, she immediately lost her balance
and fell back.
Patriarch Wheeler did not help her up. Watching Frieda fall to the floor, he said,
“Manfred, how could you bear to treat your sister like that?
“It was your grandson who put the Wheeler family into such a difficult situation. How
could you do this to Fenglan?”
Patriarch Barker hit the ceiling instantly. He stared at Patriarch Wheeler and said, Old
bastard, who are you? It was you who tried to hurt my children. How dare you come
and accuse me?
“Alright, since you’re here to get even with us, I’ll let you know who is in the wrong!”
Frieda struggled to her feet from the floor and looked at Manfred in disbelief, roaring,’
Manfred, how dare you hit me? I can’t believe you slapped me!”

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