The Billionaire’s Kick-Ass Wife by Alice Walker Chapter 454

Chapter 454
Michael held Patriarch Wheeler’s hand and comforted him, Dad, relax. You may fall ill
from worrying too much. I’m going to the Barker family’s house now and apologize to
them so that they won’t target the Wheeler family again…”
“I’m not dead yet!” At this moment, Frieda’s faint voice sounded.
Patriarch Wheeler and Michael turned around, only to find that Frieda had just woken
up and overheard their conversation. Her face was pale, and her eyes were filled with
Erica supported Frieda, who was struggling to sit up. Frieda stared fiercely at Michael
and Patriarch Wheeler, saying angrily, “Don’t beg them! I’m not dead yet. As long as
I’m still alive, I won’t allow the Wheeler family to bow down to the Barker family.
“How dare they treat us like this?! I won’t show mercy this time!”
Michael’s face darkened, but he still patiently pursued, “Mom, leave this to me. You’ve
just woken up. Go get some rest.’
Frieda said, No hurry. Let’s take some rest today. Tomorrow morning, I’ll go to the
Barker family’s house and ask them to explain it!’
Michael didn’t seem to agree with her. Frieda glanced at him and said, “Michael, leave
it to me. I know what to do.”
Michael was even more worried. After a short silence, he questioned, “Dad, Mom, why
are you working with Jerico and hiding this from me?”
Patriarch Wheeler felt a bit uneasy. He kept it from Michael because he thought
Michael was too conservative. If he told Michael about this, he might not agree with
him and ruin his plans.
He did so also for the benefit of the Wheeler family. After all, the Flouder family was
quite competitive. What if Jerico changed his mind and cooperated with the Flouder
‘ Michael, I’ll explain it to you in the future. Let’s solve our current problem first.
Michael, the President only said that he no longer trusted the Wheeler family, but he
didn’t say that he lost faith in the Flouder family. Why don’t you go talk to him? If you
put in a good word for us with the President, perhaps he will change his mind for the
sake that you’re my daughter-in-law.”
Michael was a bit disheartened.
How could he not know what Patriarch Wheeler was thinking?
When he married Erica back then, he knew that she liked Philip, but he didn’t care. He
believe as long as he treated her well, Erica would feel it and fall in love with him one
Because he loved her, he also loved the Wheeler family.
But now, he was very disappointed.
All these years, he had been treating the Wheelers as family and had never kept
anything from them. What’s more, he would put the Wheeler family’s benefits into
consideration before he made any decisions.
But the Wheeler family…
Michael found it a bit ridiculous.
He lowered his head slightly to hide the disappointment in his eyes and said, “Don’t
worry. I’ll talk to the President.”
Patriarch Wheeler nodded in relief and patted the back of Michael’s hand, saying,
“Luckily, I still have you!”
Michael said, “Dad, I’ll go back to the Flouder’s house first. Erica and Shelly will stay
here to take care of you and Mom. And Denver…”
Denver was still lying on the floor, unconscious.
‘Alright, go ahead,” Patriarch Wheeler said.
When Draxton took Isabella and Yvette back to the Barker family’s house, Patriarch
Barker and the others hadn’t gone to sleep yet. When they saw them return, they
heaved a sigh of relief.
Madame Barker and Megan walked up to them and asked worriedly, “Bella, Yvette,
are you alright?’
Yvette immediately shook her head. ’Grandma, Mom, we’re fine. Don’t worry.”
Isabella also said, “We’re fine. Draxton arrived just in time.”
Madame Barker stepped forward to support her and said, “If I had known that the
Wheelers were up to no good, I wouldn’t have let you and Yvette go. Fortunately, both
of you are fine. Otherwise, I would regret it for the rest of my life.”
Madame Barker felt lingering fear as she spoke.
Patriarch Barker, who was sitting on the sofa with a solemn expression, said,
“Draxton, come here.”
Draxton walked over and sat down. Patriarch Barker asked, “Draxton, tell me what
happened today.”
Draxton pondered for a while before he told him the whole story in detail.
“The Wheeler family colluded with the Chancely family. I don’t know what kind of
agreement they reached, but it’s definitely about something dirty.
“Jerico seemed to take a fancy to Patriarch Wheeler’s granddaughter. To divert his
attention, the Wheeler family invited Yvette to their home. If Bella had not gone with
Yvette today, I don’t dare imagine what would happen.
“Fortunately, Bella was smart and tough. Otherwise…”
Draxton was full of anger at the mention of this.
Patriarch Barker’s face completely darkened.
Madame Barker shouted angrily, “This is too much!”
After saying that, she looked fiercely at Patriarch Barker with sharp eyes and said
angrily, “Manfred, they bullied your children. Bella was pregnant. If anything happened
to her and Yvette today, don’t you feel ashamed as their elder?!”
Madame Barker’s eyes turned red as she spoke.
She complained. “Your sister instigated Erica to seduce Philip years ago. Not only did
she want to ruin Jean’s happiness, but she even kidnapped Draxton after her plan
“Fortunately, Draxton had been smart since he was young and he managed to
escape. Otherwise, he might have been killed by Frieda!
“You spared her for the sake of your dad. But now, she still wants to ruin our family!
“Manfred, do you have to wait until she gets our kids killed before you make up your
mind to deal with her?”
Seeing Madame Barke in a rage, Megan immediately comforted her, “Mom, calm
Isabella looked at Madame Barker, without saying anything to comfort her.
She thought what Madame Barker said made sense. If her grandfather kept
compromising because Frieda was his sister, Frieda might do something even more
terrible in the future.
She schemed against Yvette and her today. No one knew what she would do next.
If something really happened, it would be too late to regret it.
Isabella made up her mind to get back at the Wheeler family after what had happened
today, but if Patriarch Lockwood agreed to punish Frieda personally, it would definitely
deal a heavier blow to her. In that case, she and Draxton did not have to make a
Patriarch Barker looked at his wife quietly. Seeing that she was so angry that tears
were coming out of her eyes, he could not stay calm anymore and began to coax her,
“Marianna, don’t be angry. It’s harmful to your health. Besides, our kids are still here.’
Madame Barker did not buy it at all. She sneered, “So what even if our kids are here?
Manfred, answer me in front of our kids. Will you spare Frieda again?”
Madame Barker stared coldly at her husband.
‘ Marianna, what are you talking about? Have I ever shown mercy on her? I cut my
relationship with her because she tried to ruin Jean’s marriage and kidnapped
Draxton, right?
“Since then, she had nothing to do with me.
“She didn’t learn her lesson and tried to hurt our children again. Don’t worry, I’ll
definitely teach her a good lesson this time.”
Madame Barker looked at him in disbelief. “Then what’s your plan? Despite what you
said, I’m afraid you can’t bear to see her suffer and will let her off again.”
Manfred was a bit annoyed. “Marianna, do you think I’m a fool who can’t tell which is
more important between our children and Frieda?”
Only then did Madame Barker feel satisfied. “Then what are you going to do?”
Patriarch Barker pondered for a moment and said, ‘President has placed the Wheeler
family in an important position now, so we can’t do anything to their business. Now
that she tried to hurt our children, we’ll target her.
“If I don’t make her suffer, she would never learn her lesson!
“She’s old, and it’s time for her to rest.”
He made a pun and sighed lightly.
Isabella and Draxton looked at each other, both feeling relieved.
If their grandfather was determined to deal with Frieda, things would be much easier.
Draxton said, ’Grandpa, the President has given up on the Wheeler family.”
Patriarch Barker looked at him and asked, “You called him?”
Draxton nodded. “The President once hurt our family, and he didn’t dare to confront us
for the time being. He was trying to figure out a way to ease the tension between us
when the Wheeler family did such a stupid thing.”
Patriarch Barker said, “The Wheelers… are really stupid.’
“Indeed.” Draxton was speechless at the thought of what the Wheelers had done.
“Maestria has been getting more and more chaotic recently. There were chances that
the Wheeler family will fall or even disappear in the chaos,’ Patriarch Barker said.
He was determined to get rid of all future troubles.
Isabella was a little tired, and Yvette had not recovered from tonight’s shock yet, so
the two of them went upstairs to rest.
Draxton would go upstairs to accompany Isabella of course.
Patriarch Barker said, “Let’s talk about it tomorrow. It’s getting late. Go to bed early.”
They slept well, but the Wheeler family didn’t sleep a wink at night.

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