The Billionaire’s Kick-Ass Wife by Alice Walker Chapter 453

Chapter 453
The person on the other end of the line remained silent for a moment before saying, ‘
Got it. Don’t tell Wesley about this. I’ll take care of it.”
Draxton’s phone had been on speaker mode, so when the President’s voice sounded,
everyone heard it clearly.
Patriarch Wheeler’s face suddenly turned pale, a trace of panic flashing across his
Draxton hung up the phone and looked up at him, saying, “The Wheeler family will
soon be nothing.’
Patriarch Wheeler’s face became even paler.
Draxton turned to Isabella and said, “Bella, it’s done. Let’s go home.’
Isabella nodded and left with him.
Vernon and Harlow stood there. When meeting Draxton’s gaze, Vernon nodded
slightly and said, “Patriarch.’
Draxton nodded, without saying anything or looking at Harlow.
Harlow’s expression was solemn. From the way Draxton treated Jerico, he already
knew that the rumors about how ruthless Draxton was were true.
He did not say anything but watched Draxton leave with Vernon.
After Draxton and the others left, Patriarch Wheeler looked dejectedly at the mess in
the hall.
However, when he saw Shelly standing not far away from Vernon, he got a plan.
He walked up to Vernon and said, Mr. Vernon, I didn’t expect such a thing to happen
today. I’m sorry for my negligence. How about I let Shelly take you upstairs for some
Shelly looked shyly at Vernon and said, “Mr. Vernon and this mister, please come up
with me.”
Vernon immediately figured out what was on Patriarch Wheeler’s mind. In fact, his
adoptive father, the person in charge of the Vernon Group, had the same thought.
Vernon never went against his adoptive father’s wishes. However, when he thought of
the phone call Draxton had just made to the President, he believed that he had
enough reasons not to marry someone from the Wheeler family.
If the Wheeler family lost the President’s favor, it would be meaningless to connect
them by marriage.
What’s more, the Wheeler family was cooperating with the Chancely family. They
were so greedy that they wanted to get benefits from both sides. It seemed like they
were biting off more than they could chew.
Vernor sneered. Instead of going upstairs with Shelly, he said to Patriarch Wheeler,
Jerico has been provoking the Vernon Group ever since he came to Lucsia. Two days
ago, my subordinates from Star Society were attacked by his men, and a dozen of
them were killed or injured. I’m here to get even with him today.
‘ But now that Jerico is already so miserable, I’ll just let it go. Mr. Wheeler, be smart.
Don’t bite more than you can chew.’
After saying that coldly, Vernor turned to leave without even looking back.
Harlow looked at Patriarch Wheeler with a strange expression and then followed
Vernor out.
At this time, the guests who had just hidden in the corner came out. They ran away as
if someone was hunting them from behind, not even having time to say goodbye to
Patriarch Wheeler.
Shelly remained where she was with a pale face, still looking in the direction where
Vernon had left. I
“Grandpa…” She came to her senses a moment later and looked at Patriarch Wheeler
with tears in her eyes.
“How… how did things become like this? Mr. Vernon… What does he mean?”
She scanned around the hall that had become a total mess and felt so aggrieved that
tears streamed down her face.
She was supposed to receive countless blessings and fulfill her wishes at her birthday
party, but now…
While Shelly was weeping silently, she suddenly saw Michael, who had been standing
in the corner without saying a word.
“Dad…” she called out in grievance, crying even more bitterly.
No matter what, Shelly was his daughter. Michael sighed and walked out of the
He patted her shoulder and then looked at Patriarch Wheeler. “Dad, you made a
mistake. You shouldn’t have worked with the Chancely family.
“Since the President thought highly of the Wheeler family, you should do your best to
work for him, instead of being too ambitious.
“The President wants someone who’s loyal to him, not…’
“Enough!’ Patriarch Wheeler interrupted him. “Michael, are you lecturing me? If the
Wheeler family wants to become stronger, we can’t rely on the President alone. We
also need to join hands with other powerful families. Only in this way can we suppress
the Lockwood family.”
Miachale’s face darkened. “Dad, why do you have to suppress the Lockwood family?
How can you suppress them?
“The Lockwood family is withdrawing from the underworld and focusing more on
normal business, but you are working with a dangerous person like Jerico. You are
already at a disadvantage.”
Although Patriarch Wheeler was unhappy, he did not retort because he knew that
Michael was right.
At this point, his phone rang.
Patriarch Wheeler’s heart skipped a beat when he saw the caller ID. He picked up the
phone with trembling hands. A while later, he staggered and fell backward, his face
ghastly pale.
Michael quickly supported him and asked, “Dad, what’s wrong?”
Patriarch Wheeler held his phone and said in a trembling voice, “The… the President
said… he wanted us to hand over the assets in our hands. He no longer trusts the
Wheeler family.”
Michale sighed slightly, his face turning pale as well. Actually, he had expected things
to become like this.
Patriarch Wheeler grabbed his hand and said, Michael, you’ve never offended
Draxton. Go to the Barker family’s house and negotiate with him. We can apologize to
him. Let him…”

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