The Billionaire’s Kick-Ass Wife by Alice Walker Chapter 452

Chapter 452
As soon as Draxton entered, he landed his eyes on Isabella.
A little shocked, Isabella immediately looked at the seven Big Dippers and asked,
‘Who informed Draxton?”
The seven of them lowered their heads guiltily. The only girl replied, ‘Mrs. Lockwood,
we were afraid that we wouldn’t be able to handle it, so we called Mr. Lockwood.’
Isabella was rendered speechless and rolled her eyes. “Aren’t I here? What can these
few cowards do to me?”
‘ What did you say?’ Draxton gnashed his teeth as he walked over.
At the sight of Draxton’s sullen look, Isabella immediately shut her mouth obediently.
She sighed sadly in her heart, “No matter how arrogant I am in front of outsiders, I
have to follow this man’s instructions.”
Seeing her innocent and timid look, Draxton was both angry and amused. He sized
her up and asked with concern, “Are you tired?”
Isabella looked into Draxton’s dark blue eyes which were filled with worry. With guilt in
her mind, she replied gently, “A little.’
Draxton answered without hesitation, Why didn’t you call me since you were tired? If it
weren’t for Big Dippers, would you have personally fought with these people tonight?”
Isabella was really mortified with guilt. She drooped her head, not as majestic as
With her mouth slightly wide, Yvette was dumbfounded as she watched the scene.
“Is this upset girl in front of me really the ferocious thug who grabbed Jerico’s head
and slammed it against the door?’
At the thought of this, Yvette unconsciously darted a glance at Draxton in admiration.
Her cousin Draxton was the only person that Isabella would listen to!
One of the Big Dippers complained, “Mr. Lockwood, Mrs. Lockwood and Miss Baker
were almost in trouble. But for Mrs. Lockwood’s self-protection, the consequences
would have been too ghastly to contemplate.’
Isabella was throwing a fit. She crossed her arms over her chest and glared at Big
Dippers. “Hey! Who is your boss? When did you learn to be a whistle-blower?”
Big Dippers quickly lowered their heads obediently, looking as innocent and pitiful as
pets reprimanded by their masters.
Isabella was furious with her eyes wide. Fine, they had learned from Isabella to
pretend they were being abused!
Yvette covered her mouth and chuckled.
Draxton was also amused by Isabella. He whispered to Isabella while wrapping his
arms around her, Give me ten minutes. We’ll go home in ten minutes.”
“Draxton Lockwood!”
Patriarch Wheeler interrupted Draxton angrily. He was simply exasperated by
Draxton’s arrogance.
Draxton turned to look at Patriarch Wheeler with a cold gaze and shouted, “Shut up!”
“You…” Patriarch Wheeler didn’t know what to reply.
However, Draxton ignored Patriarch Wheeler completely.
Patriarch Wheeler finally realized that Draxton did not take him seriously and that he
was not qualified to talk to Draxton at all.
Patriarch Wheeler’s face was boiling with anger. Feeling humiliated, he was about to
gain back his when Draxton’s voice rose again.
But Draxton was not talking to Patriarch Wheeler this time.
“I’ve born the Chancely family of Southeast Aelinne in mind. You’ve done a good job
today and I, Draxton Lockwood, will naturally have David Chancely compensate for
today’s incident.”
Draxton stared coldly at Jerico and said in a steely tone.
David Chancely was the patriarch of the Chancely family, a mafia boss in Southeast
Aelinne, and Jerico’s father.
Jerico’s face darkened for fear of his father and the humiliation he was suffering now.
Draxton directly asked Jerico’s father to be blamed for today’s incident, which meant
his complete disdain for Jerico.
Just as Jerico went loopy and he planned to regain his dignity, Draxton suddenly
raised his hand and shot Jerico.
The bullet went straight into Jerico’s shoulder.
Jerico’s subordinates screamed and raised their guns to aim at Draxton, but they did
not dare to fire. All of them had wary expressions.
Jerico pressed hard on his bleeding shoulder and stared at Draxton with bloodshot
Draxton snorted and said coolly, ”1 should have ended your life directly, but I’m in a
good mood and want to play a game with you.
Jerico, start fleeing now. As long as you successfully escape from the Lucsia, I will
allow you to return to Southeast Aelinne alive.
If you’re not capable enough and fail to escape from Lucsia, you deserve to die. Do
you have any objections to the rules of this game?”
Jerico fixed his cold eyes at Draxton and warned, “Draxton Lockwood, don’t be too
Draxton continued, “If you don’t even have the confidence to escape Lucsia, then who
gave you the courage to be disrespectful to my wife and cousin?
Since you act as if you are the king in my territory, Run! Show me what you can do!”
As soon as Draxton finished speaking, a guard walked out and gestured for Jerico to
make his exit.
Jerico’s face was filled with unwillingness. However, at this moment, facing Draxton,
he did not even have the confidence to escape.
It was too much of a blow.
Jerico wore a fierce look. However, he did not dare to look at Draxton.
Draxton looked condescendingly at Jerico as if he were a lamb and did not even
bother to lower his head.
One of Jerico’s subordinates blurted, “Draxton Lockwood, watch your mouth!’
One of the Big Dippers opened fire and the bullet pierced through the man’s glabella.
The Big Dipper blew on the muzzle and looked up at Jerico’s subordinates with his
head up.
Look, the right boss mattered for a fighter. It might be fatal for a fighter whose boss
was powerless to act in a haughty manner.
Jerico looked at Patriarch Wheeler with a fierce look in his eyes. “Patriarch Wheeler,
are you just going to sit on the sidelines?’
“I…” Patriarch Wheeler stared at Draxton and huffed, “Draxton Lockwood, this is
Maestria, the Wheeler family’s territory. You’re so overbearing. Where is your respect
for the Wheeler family?
Don’t forget that we have President as our backup.”
Without looking at Patriarch Wheeler, Draxton said calmly to Jerico, “My warning is
never a joke! You can either escape now or die now.”
As soon as he finished speaking, the guards he brought raised their guns and fired
without hesitation.
Bullets flew everywhere, and the people around Jerico fell in a row.
The gunshots stopped. Jerico looked at the few remaining subordinates beside him
and his face darkened.
“You have 30 seconds to leave here,” Draxton said coldly.
Jerico gnashed his teeth, raised his hand, and said to his subordinates, “Let’s go!”
“Jerico, I hope you are competent to escape here. Don’t upset me,” Draxton said
without turning his head.
Jerico was put to shame. Meeting Draxton opened Jerico’s eyes to Draxton’s aura of
intimidation and decisiveness. He realized the demanding task to deal with the
Lockwood family.
Moreover, Jerico was worried about Harlow Andrews’s attack.
The Andrews family and the Chancely family had a long-running feud. Both families
were enemies who could not wait to kill each other.
In other words, from now on, Jerico would not only have to escape the attack from the
Lockwood family, but also from Harlow and the Vernon Group.
Jerico had long known that Harlow was cooperating with the Vernon Group, so he
chose to be a partner of the Wheeler family. However, Jerico did not expect the
Wheeler family to be so incompetent!
At the thought of this, Jerico’s eyes were filled with resentment. If the Wheeler family
had agreed to give Shelly to him and not sent Isabella and Yvette to him, Jerico would
not have been entranced by their beauty and ended up in this situation.
Patriarch Wheeler’s face turned pale. He glared at Draxton and said in disbelief,
“Draxton Lockwood, you’re my junior after all. Are you going to disrespect me like
“What a shame. Aren’t you ashamed to talk about disrespect? Are you respectable?
Don’t you have any idea of what you’ve done?” One of the Big Dippers shouted
Patriarch Wheeler was instantly speechless. He darted a sharp stare at Draxton and
said, “I see. You’re taking revenge. You’re unhappy that President has placed the
Wheeler family in an important position, right?
Draxton Lockwood, you’re too arrogant. Even if you don’t take the Wheeler family
seriously, what about President? Do you also despise President?”
Your disrespect for the Wheeler family is your disdain for President. You don’t even
respect President. Are you going to be the President?”
Patriarch Wheeler sneered, looking forward to seeing if Draxton had scruples about
offending President.
As expected, Draxton fell silent for a moment.
Patriarch Wheeler’s eyes flashed with coldness. “Humph, I don’t believe that I can’t
shut Draxton up this time!”
Draxton then raised his wrist and glanced at his watch. Seven minutes had passed.
Three minutes left.
He had promised to Isabella that he would bring her home in ten minutes. He had to
keep his word.
Seeing Draxton looking at his watch with a serious expression, Isabella moved up the
corners of her mouth and a mischievous smile flashed across her eyes.
Draxton felt a little shy being gazed at by his wife. His ears were a little red. The next
moment, he took out his phone seriously and made a call.
Patriarch Wheeler sneered, “Draxton Lockwood, don’t tell me you’re calling someone
for help?
Ha, who do you think can help you defeat Mr. President? Stop playing the fool!’
Then, Patriarch Wheeler heard Draxton say, Mr. President, did you hear that? The
Wheeler family is so conceited. They persecuted Bella and threatened me. Then, they
mixed with the underworld forces in Southeast Aelinne. Are you so short of men? Why
would you trust this family?”

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