The Billionaire’s Kick-Ass Wife by Alice Walker Chapter 451

Chapter 451
Patriarch Wheeler glared at Isabella fiercely. Isabella is too arrogant. I can’t let her go
On second thought, he realized the Lockwood family had already given the Vernon
Group to President. The shareholders of the Vernon Group must hate Draxton.
Therefore, he said to Vernon, “Mr. Vernon, let me introduce the person upstairs to
you. She is Mrs. Isabella Lockwood.
“I heard that the Lockwood family has already handed the Vernon Group over to
President. Would you like to greet her?”
Vernon glanced coldly at Patriarch Wheeler before looking up.
Patriarch Wheeler’s lips were secretly curved into a cold smile. If Vernon wanted to
make things difficult for Isabella, it would be a blessing for the Wheeler family.
At this moment, Isabella led Yvette downstairs with Big Dippers following them closely
Frieda looked ferocious as she stared resentfully at Isabella’s back. She also rose to
her feet and walked downstairs.
Watching the scene, Erica hurriedly pulled Shelly forward and whispered, “Shelly, Mr.
Vernon is here.”
Shelly froze and asked, flustered, “Mom, is my hair messy?’
Erica glanced at Shelly’s hair and answered, “No. Let’s go downstairs and meet him.’
Shelly followed her mom down the stairs with a shy look.
When she went downstairs and saw Jerico receiving treatment in the corner, she
turned slightly panicked.
She whispered to Erica, Mom, will Mr. Chancely take his anger out on us?”
Erica suddenly wore a gloomy expression. She was worried about it as well. She then
whispered to Shelly, “Shelly, don’t worry about this. Your grandparents and I are here.
We won’t let Mr. Chancely pester you anymore.
You just need to talk to Vernon and leave a good impression on him.”
Shelly nodded lightly and looked in the direction of Vernon.
After a while. Erica led Shelly over.
At this moment, Isabella, Yvette, and the others had already come face-to-face with
Frieda sneered, “Isabella, do you know who this person in front of you is?”
Isabella threw a cold stare at Frieda and said, “Shut up. Keep mute if you don’t know
how to speak. How can you remain so rude in this old age?
“I really wonder if you’re related to Patriarch Barker by blood. Otherwise, why can’t
you walk a fine line between being funny and being rude?”
Frieda froze before flying into a rage out of humiliation and shouting, How dare you!”
Without another word, she raised her hand to slap Isabella.
One of the Big Dippers dashed forward and quickly grabbed Frieda’s wrist.
“Madame Wheeler, please behave yourself. Don’t embarrass yourself like a mischiefmaker. After all, you’re from a prestigious family and now a patriarch’s wife.”
The Big Dipper shook off Frieda’s hand after finishing his warning.
Frieda staggered and crashed into Patriarch Wheeler.
Frieda was exasperated with a villainous face.
The Big Dipper then explained to Isabella, Patriarch’s wife, you might not know this.
Madame Wheeler and Patriarch Barker are actually half-siblings. Madame Wheeler’s
mother is Sir Graham Lockwood’s second wife.”
Isabella was surprised, but then her face broke into a bright smile. “That’s it. I was
wondering why Madame Wheeler is so different from
Patriarch Barker. It turns out that they are half-siblings!”
Seemed to have been greatly insulted, Frieda was so angry that her face turned
whitened. She pointed furiously at Isabella, rolled her eyes, and fainted.
She had really fainted from anger.
Denver and Erica hurriedly went forward to support Frieda and shouted for the doctor.
The doctor was bandaging Jerico’s wound. When Jerico’s subordinates saw that the
Wheeler family was about to take the doctor away, they took out his gun without
hesitation and glared fiercely at the Wheeler family.
Isabella chuckled, “How ridiculous.”
It was nothing more than setting the wolf to keep the sheep.
Patriarch Wheeler also got loopy by Isabella and huffed, “You have no respect for
elders at all!’
Then, he said to Vernon, “Mr. Vernon, I’m really sorry. The Wheeler family is not as
powerful as the Lockwood family. They don’t show any respect for the Wheeler family
at all. Sorry for letting you get involved in such a farce.
“But that’s true. Draxton Lockwood does have the right to be arrogant. Even his wife is
looking down her nose at everybody!”
He deliberately mentioned Draxton Lockwood and said that he was arrogant to arouse
Vernon’s hatred for Draxton and Isabella.
In this way, Vernon might teach Isabella a lesson on the spot.
As expected, Vernon looked at Isabella and said calmly, “Mrs. Lockwood.”
Isabella looked at him and said, “You don’t have to call me that.”
Vernon turned silent.
Harlow, who was beside Vernon, stared at Isabella and said, “She is the Miraculous
Doctor Isabella Thompson? Mr. Vernon, I want to capture her and tame her to have
her serve my Andrews family. Help me.”
However, he spoke in a foreign language which most of the people present could not
Vernon turned around and warned him, “Harlow Andrews, don’t provoke her. She’s not
someone to be trifled with.”
Harlow blinked. He then fixed his eyes on Isabella and gave her a friendly smile.
Others would suppose that he was showing his friendliness.
Isabella glanced at Harlow coldly.
Coincidentally, she also knew the niche language Harlow spoke.
Just as she was about to retort, she heard Jerico’s subordinate in the corner say
excitedly, “Jerico, you’re awake!”
Isabella raised her eyebrows and unconsciously looked over.
As expected, Jerico woke up and sat up.
As soon as he opened his eyes, he stared at Isabella with a murderous expression.
“Catch her! I want her to suffer a fate worse than death!’
Immediately, Jerico’s subordinates and the group of colorful guys rushed toward
The corners of Patriarch Wheeler’s lips curled up slightly as he gloated.
The Big Dippers promptly took out their guns as well.
Shelly, who was standing at the side, was so frightened that she retreated hurriedly
and bumped into Vernon. No one could tell whether she pretended to be scared.
Vernon took a step back and reached out to stop Shelly from approaching.
Shelly turned around and met Vernon’s gaze. She blushed with a shy look and
apologized, “I’m sorry. I didn’t do it on purpose.’
At this moment, a loud sound came from ahead. Shelly turned around and saw that
Big Dippers and Jerico’s men started fighting.
Denver whispered to Patriarch Wheeler, “Dad, Big Dippers are all good fighters.
Should we help Jerico?”
A trace of calculation flashed into Patriarch Wheeler’s eyes. Jerico would definitely
blame the Wheeler family for getting him injured. If the Wheeler family did Jerico a
favor at this time, it might be able to ease their relationship.
With a thought, Patriarch Wheeler said to Denver, “Go, call for help.”
Denver immediately turned around and left.
The hall suddenly turned into a fighting arena, and in the blink of an eye, it became a
Jerico’s men were naturally no match for Big Dippers. Isabella paid little attention to
the battle. Instead, she stared coldly at Patriarch Wheeler. If the Wheeler family did
not appreciate what was good, she would first give the old Patriarch Wheeler a
Just as Isabella was lost in thought, a muffled sound came from the entrance of the
Wheeler family’s residence.
The crowd turned around after hearing the noise, only to see Denver, who had made
his exit earlier, had been thrown to the ground.
Then, the tall figure of Draxton appeared at the door. Behind him was a group of

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