Spoil My Sweet Widow Novel Chapter 735

Chapter 735
Harold propped himself up slightly. “You saw Sadie in Sunshine Village?”
“Well… but it should be my imagination.” Crystal said, “I don’t remember it anymore. At
that time, Sister Sadie should have been a daughter of a rich family in City W. How
could she have appeared in Sunshine Village?”
Harold’s eyes were deep. He rubbed Crystal’s hair and said, “It’s said that you’d
dream of someone if you always think of her during the day. You dreamt of Sadie in
your dreams. How much do you like her?”
Crystal was shocked. “Who wouldn’t like someone as gentle as Sister Sadie?”
Harold, “Your big brother.”
She was speechless.
Crystal scolded Danny. “He’s just a brat who doesn’t appreciate what he has.”
“…” Harold pinched Crystal’s cheek. “Who did you learn this from?”
“Antony.” Crystal said, “They’re always good at scolding people and it surprised me.”
The group of military ruffians was really good at scolding others. They were already
quite reserved in front of Crystal. Harold clicked his tongue and said, “Don’t learn from
Crystal said, “I am rich in knowledge. Otherwise, if someone scolds me in the future, I
can only stand there and be scolded. After I quarrel with someone everytime, I would
regret that I didn’t perform well.”
“You didn’t even perform at all,” Harold said with a smile.
“…” Crystal said, “I’m not happy to hearthat.”
She lifted the blanket and sat down on Harold’s waist. She looked down at him and
said, “Quickly apologize to me.”
Harold leaned against the soft yellow pillow and smiled. “What if I don’t apologize to
Crystal said, “Then I’m going to bite you.”
Harold suddenly turned over and pressed her under his body. He whispered in her
ear, “Where are you biting?”
Crystal quickly tried to push him away. “You… get up. You’re hurting me!”
“…” Harold took a light breath and said, “If I can no longer hurt you one day, you will
Crystal bit her lips, and her ears turned red with anger. “It’s so early in the morning.
What are you doing?” Harold’s rough index finger slowly brushed past her soft lips.
Crystal bit his fingertip and said, “Let me go!” The man raised his eyebrows but did
not let go. Instead, he took advantage of the situation and snuck in. Crystal jumped in
fright and quickly drew back her tongue. She mumbled, “What… What are you
doing…” “Didn’t you just say that you wanted to bite me?” Harold said, “I’m checking
your teeth.”
His fingertips stroked the slightly sharp canine teeth. Crystal’s eyelashes kept
trembling and tears welled up in her eyes. Harold leaned over and kissed the little
girl’s thin eyelids. He said, “Nice teeth.”
“Why don’t you pick the hardest place to bite?”
Crystal finished her breakfast, sat on the sofa, and threw a tantrum. Dana looked at
the refreshed Harold, and then at the bitter Crystal. She asked softly, “Crystal, what’s
It was fine if she didn’t ask, but after she asked, Crystal was even angrier. She said to
Dana, “Dana, I want to sleep in a different room from Harold. I don’t want to sleep with
him anymore!”
Dana didn’t dare to agree. She coughed and said, “Did Master White bully you? Oh,
it’s not a big deal…”
Harold said calmly, “She said she wanted to bite me, and I offered myself to her. But
she lost her temper.” He glanced at Dana and said, “Do you think she’s spoiled?”

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