Spoil My Sweet Widow Novel Chapter 733

Chapter 733
Harold walked out of the store. There were very few cars at this time. The hook in the
sky was like snow, making the sky a little colder. He stood under the tree and lit a
From this point of view, the winding road had been spreading to City W. The city was
extremely prosperous, and it was the heart of the whole Hallbury. Even at two o’clock
in the morning, the lights were still as bright as day. The huge LED advertising screen,
the flowing neon lights, and the endless traffic lights gathered into a sea of lights. Just
looking at it, one could see that it was extremely extravagant, and it was very noisy.
Leo was dragged into the car. Luke stood to the side and watched. He ordered, “Tie
him up tightly. Tie his hands and feet up separately. Take away all the things on his
He glanced at Leo, who was gasping for breath in the trunk of the SUV, and said
lightly, “You used to be the instructor of the special forces. Even though more than ten
years have passed, I still have to respect you.” Leo couldn’t help but laugh. “You know
“Yes.” Luke nodded. “Although you don’t have a good character, I approve of your
“Harold brought so many people here… This can be considered giving me face.” Leo
said, “Don’t worry, I can’t run away.”
Luke smiled. “I don’t believe that.”
Leo wanted to say something else, but Luke had already raised his hand.
Immediately, someone put a piece of cloth into his mouth and blocked all his words.
The trunk slammed shut and Luke went over to ask Harold, “Master White, are we
going back now?”
After half of the cigarette was burnt, Harold put it out and said, “Actually, I don’t like
the army very much.”
“It’s neat, serious, and cold-blooded.” His profile seemed particularly deep under the
moonlight, and his drooping eyelashes were covered with a layer of silver light. “When
I joined that year, I just wanted to have peace.”
Luke didn’t know much about Harold’s life that few years. He only vaguely knew that
he had been in the army for three or four years. After Valeri died, the whole team was
disbanded. Bonnie personally asked him to go back to the White family to take charge
of the overall situation.
Perhaps it was because he was always so powerful that many people forgot that he
was only in his early twenties when the White family was in trouble and asked him to
come back to take over the mess right after he had just lost an important elder
“You should have heard of Leo, right?” Harold looked sideways and asked Luke.
Luke nodded and said, “He used to be one of the most promising candidates over
there. If nothing happened, he would have been promoted to a position that many
people would never be able to reach in their lifetime.”
Harold’s lips twitched in response. “Then tell me, what kind of secret does such a
person have that is worthy of him hiding for eight years without saying it?”
“I can’t guess,” Luke said.
Harold stared at the city lights for a long while before saying, “Back then, there was a
“What’s it?”
“My team was the ‘deposit’ that was sent out.” Harold said indifferently, “All of us
deserved to die there.”
Luke’s heart skipped a beat.
The cause of Valeri’s death had become a mystery. When the accident happened,
there were all kinds of rumors and speculations. Among them, the most popular
saying was that someone made a deal with the lives of this team. But no one knew
what this deal was, and no one knew whose life was so valuable that could be
exchanged for the lives of the whole team.
“Now it seems.” Harold pressed his fingers on the corner of his eyes, looking a little
tired. “That valuable life is mine.”

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