Spoil My Sweet Widow Novel Chapter 732

Chapter 732
“I just wanted to know something.” Harold laughed, but there wasn’t the slightest hint
of a smile in his eyes. “Who wants to kill you?”
Leo’s face twitched for a moment, and he opened his blood-stained teeth. “Don’t you
want to kill me?”
“Leo.” Harold’s tone was calm. “If you don’t want to say anything, then your life is
meaningless to me.”
“Perhaps you can take this opportunity to think about whether you should explain it
clearly to me or enter the interrogation room and let your old friends hear the trial…
You know, they all hate you. As long as they know that you are still alive, they will use
all kinds of means to force you.”
Leo gasped for breath, and the cold air directly poured into his lungs. It was not a
good feeling, but he could only use it to keep himself awake. “It’s not necessarily good
to fall into your hands either, is it?”
Harold’s lips curled into a smile. “At least I won’t let you sign and press your fingerprint
on some crimes you didn’t commit.”
Leo shut his mouth and did not speak.
He lay paralyzed on the ground as if he were dead. Because he was sweating and
covered in dust, he looked very embarrassed. Under the dazzling light of the lamp, his
facial features had traces of time, which was completely different from the high spirits
he had when he first met Harold. All these years of hiding and concealing his identity
made him quickly age. There was deep exhaustion in his eyes and eyebrows, like a
dog that had been beaten to death. As long as he saw someone raise his hand, he
would subconsciously shrink.
He didn’t look the slightest bit like the major back then.
Leo half opened his eyes, raised his hand to wipe the blood from the corner of his
mouth, and said, “Harold, you’ve been looking for me for eight years… Aren’t you
tired? If there is really a reincarnation in this world, Valeri must be in primary school
now… How can a dead person be more important than a living person? If I’m not
wrong, he must have told you not to intervene in this matter before he died, right?”
He tilted his head and looked into Harold’s fierce eyes. He laughed and said, “Valeri…
was just like a good brother to all of you. He treated you very well. You should listen to
him and not get involved. I’m lucky enough to have survived for another eight years
but it might not be the same for you.”
“Don’t continue the investigation.” Leo sighed and said, “There won’t be a good end.
Look at what happened to me.”
It was silent in the car repair shop for a long time. The night wind outside blew in from
the door of the store. The thin door of the store rattled and blew away the smell of
gasoline in the room, making the air a little fresh. The light was too bright, and it shone
down from the top of Harold’s head, making the lower half of his face look particularly
deep. He said lightly, “Leo, you are a good-for-nothing. I’m nothing like you.”
“You’re not a good-for-nothing.” Leo laughed. “If you weren’t a good-for-nothing…” He
stared into Harold’s eyes and said word by word, “Would Valeri die for you?! Young
man, don’t always be so arrogant.”
Harold’s fingers pinched so hard that Leo’s face was twisted and distorted. He said
coldly, “It has nothing to do with you whether I’m arrogant or not. I only know that
since you’ve fallen into my hands, even if you die, I will pry open your mouth.”
He released his hands in disgust, causing Leo to fall heavily onto the ground. Harold
stood up, tore off his blood-stained gloves, and threw them on the ground. He said
coldly, “Bring him back. As long as he doesn’t die, any means can be used.”
Luke replied in a low voice, “Yes.”
He made a gesture, and someone immediately dragged Leo away

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