Spoil My Sweet Widow Novel Chapter 731

Chapter 731
The man did not speak.
Harold slowly put on his gloves. This was his habit. He didn’t like his hands to be
stained with blood when he was in a situation where he had to fight.
“Actually, I know you’ll find me sooner or later.” The man suddenly said, “But I didn’t
expect it to be so fast.”
“This shouldn’t be fast, right?” Harold said indifferently, “After Valeri died, you
defected. Let me think… it’s already been eight years. Do you plan to hide in a place
like this for the rest of your life? Leo.”
Leo let out a cold laugh from his throat. “I’ve said it many times. Valeri’s death has
nothing to do with me!”
“Since you didn’t-” Harold suddenly grabbed his clothes. His eyes were as cold as the
wild beasts in the jungle, with the most primitive fierceness. He stared at Leo, as if he
were going to skin him and cut off his bones with his eyes, and dig out his bloody
heart. “Then why did your first reaction after learning the news of Valeri’s death was to
defect?! Now your wanted order is still everywhere on the Internet.”
“…” Leo took a deep breath, and the veins on his forehead were clear. He said in a
hoarse voice, “Don’t you know that rumors are scary? At that time, I was the direct
person in charge of Valeri, and I was the one who accepted the inexplicable task. The
formal procedure was written in black and white with my signature on it… What can I
do?! Everyone thinks I am the murderer and the traitor. I just wanted to stay alive and
didn’t want to bear this false crime. What’s wrong with that?”
“It’s your fault that you’re still alive.”
With a “bang”, a vicious punch landed on Leo’s face. Leo was instantly beaten to spit
out a blood-stained tooth. He tilted his head and spat out a mouthful of blood foam,
but he laughed and said, “I’ve told you a long time ago that you’re not suitable to stay
in the army… There’s no such thing as obedience in your nature.”
Harold dragged him to the open space like a dead dog and squatted down to look at
his face. “It’s a pity that after eight years have passed, I’m the one looking down at
you now.”
Leo laughed out loud. “It’s not that I haven’t been proud of myself before… When you
were scolded by me, what kind of person were you at that time? If it weren’t for Valeri
protecting you, you wouldn’t have been able to stay from the very beginning!”
Luke frowned and said in a low voice, “Master White, I’ll get someone to…”
“There’s no need,” Harold said. “Let him speak.”
Leo lay on the ground covered with dust. Looking at the incandescent lamp hanging
above his head, with just an ordinary light bulb hanging on it without any cover. The
light was so dazzling that he almost burst into tears. “If Valeri hadn’t died… why would
I end up like this today?! I originally had a very bright future! I want Valeri to come
back to life more than anyone else, but you all want me to pay for Valeri’s life! Whywhy?!”
Harold lowered his eyelashes, and his dark pupils were as cold as ice and snow on a
tall mountain. He stretched out his slender fingers, which were wearing black leather
gloves, and held Leo’s chin to force him to look at him. “If you have a clear
conscience, why did you defect overnight right after you heard the news?”
Leo took two deep breaths and finally swallowed the blood that was stuck in his
throat. He muttered,”… If I didn’t run away, I would die… Those people wouldn’t let me
live… They would definitely kill me!”

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