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Remarriage Never And Go Away Chapter 1165

Chapter 1165 Not Bear Thinking About 

The next day

Gloria went to work as usual. Suddenly, she received a phone call from Joseph on the way. Gloria had to leave work, told Ted about this, and hurried away

Gloria arrived at the old house, and Joseph said to her, You’re finally here. Come and see Karen!” 

Joseph looked at her with eyes from which all hatred fled. Instead, he seemed to regard Gloria as a lifesaver

What’s the matter?Gloria frowned. She came to see Karen yesterday, and there was nothing wrong with her. How come she fainted today

Joseph immediately took Gloria to his bedroom where Karen was still lying unconscious in the bed. There were only three of them in the room

Joseph said, She was in low spirits. When we were chatting, she thought of what I had done to you before and scolded me. I didn’t dare to talk back. Somehow, she passed out” 

Joseph avoided Gloria’s eyes. Was it because he was not telling her the truth or he was too embarrassed to do so

After all, Joseph used to do many bad things to Gloria, but now he had to ask her for help. He felt a little embarrassed, but he did not flinch for the sake of his wife. He did not mind swallowing his 


Gloria pursed her lips and went to Karen’s bed to check her out

Karen didn’t show any signs of waking up. Joseph stood by, staring at Gloria’s face in fright. He did not want to miss the smallest change of her expression or hear any white lies. He desired to know what was going on with Karen

When Gloria was done, Joseph asked immediately, How is she?” 

Gloria stood up and said calmly, Karen must have been in the heat of the moment, so she fainted. She’ll be alright.” 

Joseph breathed a sigh of relief, looked Gloria straight in the eye, and asked tentatively, Is there anything physically wrong with her?” 

Gloria glanced at Karen and said, Let’s talk outside.” 

Joseph took the hint and felt terrible. If Karen woke up and heard everything, it would be the end of 

the world

Joseph gave a monosyllabic reply and glanced at Karen, who showed no signs of waking up. Then he 

turned to walk out

Followed by Gloria, Joseph went to the study. After closing the door, he looked at Gloria eagerly and asked, What’s going on?” 

Gloria stared at Joseph and said, Karen must remain emotionally stable. When she is in treatment, please keep her happy the whole time. You know, anger delays the healing process. If other diseases arise, the consequences don’t bear thinking about.” 

Joseph blanched and nodded. I got it. I’ll do my best!” 

Joseph’s eyes were full of regret. He had justlost control of his emotions

Gloria guessed right. Even if Joseph didn’t talk back, he would keep a poker face instead. How could Karen not be angry

Gloria felt a stab of guilt because she made Karen worry all the time… 

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