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Remarriage Never And Go Away Chapter 1164

Chapter 1164 Not a Chance 

Alright, I wish you every success.The caller sounded relieved

Rachel said nothing and hung up. She looked a little graver

Rachel was holding her forehead with one hand and pressing her fingers into her temples harder and harder with the other

She had a splitting headache

Rachel drew a deep breath, took out her phone, and then texted Jordy

She sent him a plan which she was very satisfied with on WhatsApp

She wanted him to have a look. If he would like to work with her, that would be a good sign

Rachel had been asking her employees to come up with some good proposals. And this was the best one among hundreds of them. If Jordy was not satisfied with it, there was nothing to be done… 

Rachel sent Jordy another message

Mr. Collins, please take a look at this proposal. If you’re interested, you can contact me and schedule a meeting at your office.” 

After that, Rachel put down her phone. In less than five minutes, she picked it up and checked her 


Predictably, there was no response, but she just wanted to check if he texted her back… 

Rachel kept staring at her phone for another five minutes, but Jordy did not reply to her. She involuntarily scrolled on her phone and scanned the texts. Every time she texted Jordy, he only gave her a brief response like OK, fine

Occasionally Jordy sent her a couple of messages about some project without any pleasantries. And 

the texts were terse

He never said anything like I hope we can work well together

Rachel sighed, but even so, she would not delete any messages he had sent her

Rachel was distracted and could not focus on her work. She checked her phone from time to time. Half an hour later, her phone vibrated

Rachel immediately picked up her phone. Jordy finally replied to her on WhatsApp. Her eyes lit up. She clicked on the chat bubble immediately

The message read, We’ll meet at 3 p.m. tomorrow.” 

Rachel’s eyes glowed brighter

That meant Jordy was very upbeat on this project

Maybe Rachel had more opportunities to communicate with him

Rachel’s heart jumped faster. She was on cloud nine. It was the first time she had ever worked with Jordy formally since the company moved here

Rachel took a breath and texted him back. OK.” 

Rachel put down her phone. She knew Jordy would not reply to her again. If he did, she would jump off the building. He was cool and detached after all

At 3 p.m. tomorrow… 

If we talk about this plan, it’ll take us at least two hours to finish. Then it will be time for dinner. Will he be available? I wonder if he’ll say yes if I offer to have dinner together

Rachel drew a breath and made up her mind to have a try no matter what. Jordy isn’t into me. If I don’t make a move, I’ll stand no chance

Rachel halted her thoughts, sucked in a breath, and got back to work. The thought that she was going to see Jordy thrilled her

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