My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 545

Chapter 545
By then, she would be able to get a sum of money from Anastasia.
Mrs. Garner was such a greedy person that Erica would only put her mind at rest if the former vanished completely from the face of the earth. Now that Naomi wasn’t by her side, she had to make all the decisions on her own. Moreover, she inherited Naomi’s ruthless side. She had no other way out; she had to snuff out the secret. If her parentage were to come to light, she would lose all the glory that belonged to her.
Just then, it occurred to her that she hadn’t been intimate with Alex for a long time. The thought made her crave his company tonight, so she dialed his number, wanting to have dinner with him in the evening.
Alex agreed; he would do his best at playing the part of her husband before the 30 million fell into his hands. What gave him the nerve to target the 30 million now was the current lack of oversight on Tillman Constructions. Anastasia was putting her heart and soul into saving Francis, who couldn’t regain consciousness, whereas Erica knew nothing about business. This was a great opportunity for him.
Just then, Erica said, “Alex, I’m afraid that it’s gonna be difficult for my mom to be removed from suspicion. Anastasia refuses to let her off, whereas my dad’s still comatose. So, you’ve got to stay by my side and help me, okay?” She dared not look down on Alex anymore now that she had to depend on him.
“I’ll help you through everything, of course. Now that you’ve given me the power to run the company, I’m not gonna let you down,” Alex replied.
Erica raised her wine glass. “I love you, Alex.”
“I love you too.” Alex clinked glasses with her.
That night, Alex stayed at Erica’s place. She grabbed his cell phone and wanted to take a look at its messages, only to find that it was locked with a passcode. They were already husband and wife, but Alex didn’t give her open access to his phone. “Alex, what’s your phone’s passcode? I wanna check something,” she asked him.
Alex stretched out his hand and took his phone from her, asking, “What do you want to check? Let me help you.”
Seeing that the phone was back in his hands, Erica couldn’t help but pout her lips. “Alex, why don’t you just tell me the passcode?”
Alex held her for a moment with a smile. “It’s not that I don’t want to tell you the passcode. It’s just that my phone contains a lot of stuff about the company, so I’m afraid that you might delete them by accident. Trust me; you’re the only woman I love the most.”
Erica was inwardly speechless for a moment. Like hell I’ll believe you, she thought. Alex was merely married to her, but the woman he loved the most was Anastasia. It was just that ne couldn’t get his hands on the latter.
The night passed, and Alex went to work in the morning.
Early in the morning, Erica got a phone call from Mrs. Garner, who asked her if she had prepared the money. When Erica heard this, a hint of a sneer flickered across her eyes. “Mrs. Garner, I borrowed the money, but my friend asked us to go somewhere to get it. Let me fetch you and take you there.”
“Just transfer the money into my bank account!”
Erica replied, “I don’t have that much money on my debit card. I had my friend prepare 200,000 in cash at a place where you have to go and get the money yourself. I’ll transfer the money on my card into your bank account once we get there.”
Mrs. Garner wasn’t a highly-educated person, after all. Hearing that the money was ready, she naturally believed it. “Alright then, come and fetch me.”
Erica left home by car and found a well-hidden place. It was a beach she once visited. There was hardly a soul on the beach, but it had a very high cliff, making it the best place for her to strike. She picked Mrs. Garner up, looking as though she dared not offend the latter. “Here, have some water, Mrs. Garner. It’ll be quite a journey.”
Mrs. Garner asked warily, “Why do we have to go so far away?”
“That friend of mine runs a hotel by the sea. I have to go to her hotel to get the money.”
Knowing that Erica had many friends, Mrs. Garner didn’t doubt her words. Thinking that she could enjoy the scenery at the seaside, she was in a good mood. “Miss Erica, where is your mom, actually?” she asked curiously. Naomi was taken away by the police at the hospital, but Erica had never told Mrs. Garner that the former had been arrested, so Mrs. Garner was still unaware that Naomi was now in prison.
“My mom is taking care of my dad.”
“Oh. In that case, how is your dad-oh, I mean Mr. Tillman?” Mrs. Garner hurriedly corrected herself.

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