My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 544

Chapter 544
“Is that so?” Anastasia frowned slightly as a scheming look began to form in her eyes. She said, “Mr. Lewinsky, go back to Tillman Constructions with your men first. I’m gonna hand the finance department over to Alex. I’ve got to devote myself to looking after my d
Gregory was startled for a moment before he nodded. “Okay.”
After the meeting ended, Anastasia asked Gregory to stay. She said to him, “Mr. Lewinsky, please help me keep a close eye on the accounts.”
Gregory understood what she meant. “I got it, Miss Tillman.”
After the subordinates left, Anastasia picked up her phone and dialed Alex’s number.
“Hey, Anastasia. Is there anything?” Alex sounded somewhat excited.
“Well, I have to devote myself to taking care of my dad, so I may not have time to care about the company’s finances anymore. I’m gonna hand the company’s finances back to you.”
“Dad’s condition matters more than anything else. Anastasia, you can leave the company to me with peace of mind. I’ll definitely save the company from its hopeless situation.”
“Alright. You can rehire your former subordinates into the finance department. My people are gonna leave the department.”
Alex replied, “No problem. Thank you so much, Anastasia.” Inwardly, though, he was overjoyed. Now that Anastasia was going to keep her hands off Tillman Constructions, the whole company would fall under his complete control.
“Oh, by the way, the Silverstar Enterprise still owes us 30 million, so take note of it.” Anastasia reminded him.
“30 million?”
“Alright! What a timely help it is. As it happens, the company needs the money to stay afloat.”
“Alright, that’s all,” Anastasia said before hanging up.
Alex clenched his fists excitedly in his office. Not only was the finance department back in his hands, but the company was going to receive a huge sum of payment. To him, this would really solve the urgent situation.
However, after he was happy for a few seconds, his eyes suddenly darkened. If he could take the 30 million away, the money would be enough for him to start his own business. And besides, could Tillman Constructions still be saved? There was no way the few small projects could sustain the company for long, so it wouldn’t take long before the company went bankrupt. In other words, the 30 million would only go down the drain if it was invested into the company. So, why don’t I keep the 30 million in my hands instead? This will be a real cash flow!
Alex had long been impatient to abandon his position as Tillman Constructions’ president. Whoever wants to be president can take up the position. Luckily, he had a secret trick up his sleeve last time. The agreement to transfer Naomi’s shares included an additional clause added by him whereby he could give up his rights to the shares anytime. In the end, Erica would be the only person who had to bear the consequences of Tillman Constructions’ bankruptcy. By then. he would divorce her and live in another city with Hayley and the money. Now that’s an enjoyment.
He took everything into account as reality forced him into doing so. It had only been less than two weeks since his appointment as president, but he had learned how difficult it was to run a company. He was already mentally and physically exhausted thanks to all kinds of troubles. If he were to keep on working as the company’s president, he might end up suffering from heart disease. For the sake of his health, he decided to quit.
Meanwhile, Anastasia was standing next to Francis’ sickbed in the hospital. She sincerely hoped that he could wake up immediately and see the looks and ambitions of those around him. “Dad, I’ll make them pay the price,” she whispered softly to him.
That very afternoon, Alex summoned his former subordinates back. Silverstar Enterprise promised to credit the money into Tillman Constructions’ bank account by 10:00 AM tomorrow, but to Alex’s surprise, they credited the money before the off-work hours.
Sitting before his laptop, Alex looked at the 30 million in Tillman Constructions’ bank account with his eyes full of greed. With his capabilities, it wouldn’t be difficult to extract the 30 million. After all, Tillman Constructions needed money for everything right now. As long as he cooked the books a little bit, it would be easy for him to extract the money. Moreover, he was experienced in this.
Meanwhile, Erica was also on pins and needles at home. She couldn’t share the matter with anyone other than Naomi; she dared not even tell Alex about it.
There was no other way but to kill Mrs. Garner to bury the secret forever.
It was obvious at a glance that her biological father had a plebeian mentality. As long as she gave him a little money, he would promise to keep the secret forever. Mrs. Garner was different, though. Even if she took the money, there was no guarantee that she wouldn’t tell Anastasia the secret after she finished spending all the money in the future.

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