My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 543

Chapter 543
“Mrs. Garner, it’s near the end of the month. From next month onward, you don’t have to come anymore,” Erica sạid to Mrs. Garner.
Mrs. Garner nodded. “Yes, Miss Erica.” Then, she asked tentatively, “Miss Erica, the man who was outside yesterday is here again. Is he related to you?”
Erica instantly changed her countenance with a ferocious look in her eyes. “Don’t let him in! He’s just a beggar.”
Seeing that she would be laid off in a few days, Mrs. Garner decided to start carrying out her plan. And besides, the Tillman Family no longer had much money left, so she had to extort a pretty penny from Erica while the latter still had some money. Suddenly, she tossed the piece of rag in her hand onto the floor and said to Erica, “He isn’t a beggar, Miss Erica. He’s your biological
father, isn’t he?”
Erica was so shocked by her words that the cell phone she had just taken out slipped from her grasp and fell onto her lap. She sharply turned to stare at Mrs. Garner, asking, “What are you talking about?”
“Stop hiding it from me, Miss Erica. I overheard your conversation with him. You’re not Mr. Tillman’s daughter, but the daughter of madam and that guy, right? Anastasia Tillman is the real and only daughter of the Tillman Family.”
“T-That’s nonsense! Who allowed you to spew that nonsense?!” Erica stood up with a ferocious expression. “Try saying that nonsense again if you dare!”
Mrs. Garner was a servant, but she had the bearing of a shrew. With her hands on her hips, she argued, “Miss Erica, if you want me to keep my mouth shut, you’ve got to silence me with money. If not, I’ll go around telling people about it. Let’s see if you’ll still be able to stay in the Tillman Family then.”
In fact, Erica was indeed afraid that she would do so. She immediately implored in a soft voice, “Mrs. Garner, you’ve worked for our family for a dozen years, during which time we’ve never mistreated you. Could you please not go around telling people about it? Please.”
However, Mrs. Garner replied uncompromisingly, “You saw with your own eyes how your mother had treated me over the last dozen years. Not only am I doing the housekeeping for the entire household for such meager wages, but I’m ordered around by you guys like a slave! Miss Erica, there’s no way you can brush me off with peanuts.”
Erica was taken aback; she never thought that her parentage was going to be brought to light. If Mrs. Garner were to tell Anastasia about it, she wouldn’t even have the right to inherit Tillman Constructions! “Mrs. Garner, I don’t have money with me right now. My dad’s company is running into problems, so I’ve given all my money to the company.”
Mrs. Garner wasn’t a kind person, though; she counted on the money to live out her life in retirement. “I want a million every cent of it. Take your time to think about it, Miss Enca. I want to see the money by tomorrow afternoon.”
For an instant, a murderous flicker flashed across Erica’s eyes. In her mind’s eye, Mrs. Garner was
just a low-class servant. And now, not only did the latter have the nerve to blackmail her for money, but she even demanded one million from her! “Okay. I’ll get the money ready by tomorrow afternoon,” she replied, pretending to compromise with Mrs. Garner.
“Alright then, I’ll wait for your phone call. Don’t play any tricks on me, Miss Erica. I’m not afraid of anything,” replied Mrs. Garner. Then she took off her apron and threw it onto the floor, saying cockily, “I’ve had enough of working for your family. Mr. Tillman was relatively nice to me, but you and your mother never treated me as a human.”
“Sorry,” Erica apologized.
“What’s the use of saying sorry? Just give me the money! Bear in mind that I want one million,” said Mrs. Garner before she picked up her bag and left.
After Mrs. Garner left, Erica no longer concealed the murderous look in her eyes. How dare a low-class servant threaten me?! This easily gave her an urge to kill. Such a person doesn’t deserve to live in this world. Sitting on the sofa, she began to plan on killing Mrs. Garner. Mrs. Garner is childless. Even if she dies in some remote place, nobody will know about it.
Meanwhile, in the hospital’s conference room, Anastasia’s subordinates in the finance department were sitting across from her. Since Elliot didn’t like her to meet Alex, she could only have meetings with her subordinates in the hospital.
“Miss Tillman, we’ve collected all the evidence of Alex Hunter’s embezzlement of the company’s funds.”
Anastasia replied, “Keep the evidence and put it aside for the time being.” This amount of money isn’t enough to make Alex pay the price.
“There’s one more thing. We found that Silverstar Enterprise has an outstanding payment of as much as 30 million. We’ve called the company, and they’ll credit the money into our company’s bank account at the end of the month.”

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