My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 542

Chapter 542
In the end. Alex’s heart sank into the depths of despair. Could this be Elliot’s doing too? Is he trying to force Tillman Constructions into bankruptcy so that the company is ruined in my hands? All of a sudden, he was filled with terror and dread. Now that Tillman Constructions was in his hands, it brought him great danger instead of money. At the moment, he was under pressure from both the company’s employees and its shareholders; his nerves were about to snap as all kinds of pressure bore down on him. If the employees couldn’t get their paycheck, he would become their main target.
As such, Tillman Constructions was plunged into a crisis, with Alex suffering the most as the person in the eye of the storm. Before he could enjoy the pleasure brought by power and wealth, he was suffocated by the pressure weighing on his chest.
Such was Elliot’s trick. Instead of making Tillman Constructions go bankrupt in one fell swoop, he wanted Alex to go through hell for his greed. With Anastasia taking charge of the company’s finances, whatever decision Alex made had to gain her approval. If she were to put a little more pressure on him, he wouldn’t be able to do anything about it. This would make him even more anxious, like a cat on a hot tin roof.
Today, as soon as Alex stepped out of the company’s entrance, he was approached by three MPVs, from which a bunch of reporters suddenly stepped out and blocked his path. “Excuse us, President Hunter, but some of Tillman Constructions’ employees complained that their paychecks had been delayed. Can we ask if it’s true?”
“How are you gonna deal with the salary payments?”
“As Tillman Constructions’ president, you have to give the public an explanation.”
Alex looked at the cameras that were focused on his face. He stretched out his hand and knocked off one of the cameras, saying, “Stop filming! I’m not gonna comment on my company’s affairs.”
“But some of Tillman Constructions’ employees are staging a protest about this. President Hunter, what are you gonna do about their delayed paychecks?”
Just then, the security guards came over and brought Alex into Tillman Constructions’ premises, keeping the reporters outside the entrance. Stepping into the company’s lobby in discomfiture, Alex said to the security guards, “Don’t let the reporters in.”
Less than ten minutes later, Alex was on the news, with a very eye-catching title above his photo. It read, ‘Alex Hunter, President of Tillman Constructions, Suspected of Embezzling Huge Sums of Money and Delaying Paychecks on Purpose.
Upon seeing this, Alex got so furious that he nearly smashed the iPad in his hands. The news story’s comment section was full of abuses against him. Alex was a proud man who cared a lot about his reputation. At this very moment, however, he was universally condemned like a public enemy.
It didn’t take long before Erica called to ask him what was going on. Having reached the limit his patience, Alex snapped, “What else could it be? I’m now caught between the devil and the deep blue sea in order to run the company for you! Erica, do you still have money in your hands? I still have millions of wages to pay out. Could you lend me the money first to help me cope with
the emergency?”
Erica also couldn’t do anything about it, though. “How am I supposed to have so much money? But I still have a few of my mom’s cards with me. I don’t know whether there’s money on them,
“Go check whether there’s still money on the cards, then. However much money there is, wire it over first. If the situation goes on, Tillman Constructions will go bankrupt, upon which we’ll get nothing. Not only that, but we’ll also be massively in debt.” All Alex wanted was to survive their current predicament and seek another project.
Erica had no choice but to check the balance on Naomi’s debit cards first. Only then did she find that Naomi still had over four million in her bank account, of which she kept one million and transferred the rest to Alex.
Alex then quickly came to the finance department and had the money credited into the company’s bank account to alleviate the problem of unpaid salaries.
There wasn’t much money left in the finance department’s bank account, so the money Erica gave Alex was only enough to pay last month’s wages. Still, he breathed a soft sigh of relief. Next, he’d have to work hard to negotiate business deals and get the projects going.
Upon receiving a phone call from Gregory, Anastasia surmised that Alex had run out of money. The money Alex had credited into the company’s bank account was probably all Naomi and Erica had left.
What would eventually become of Tillman Constructions? Anastasia decided to put the matter aside first and let Alex be distressed over it. He brought this on himself, after all, she thought.
Having no money left for leisure spending, Erica came home from the outside with a weary look on her face. She called Mrs. Garner over and had the latter cook dinner for her. Well, I guess I 11 lay her off after she gets her paycheck at the end of this month.

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