My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 541

Chapter 541
Anastasia pursed her red lips before nodding lightly. “Okay. You go back to your room first. I’ll come over in a minute.”
Only then did Elliot get up and go back to his room, looking satisfied.
Holding the glass of warm water in both hands, she took several drinks from it before heading for his room with his jacket draped over her shoulders.
Elliot’s bedroom belonged exclusively to him. Decorated like the room of a seven-star hotel, it was furnished with everything one would expect to find.
Anastasia saw him reclining in bed and doing nothing as if purposely waiting for her. Hanging his suit jacket on the clothes tree, she sat down on the edge of the bed. Then, she lay down on her side and looked at him, saying, “Let’s sleep.”
Putting his arms around her, Elliot pressed her to his heart and sniffed at her hair. Like her, he was longing for Francis to wake up so that their engagement ceremony could be held again. “Anastasia, let’s go ahead with our engagement when our dad wakes up,” he whispered in her ear.
Anastasia replied bashfully, “Okay.”
Upon hearing this, the man behind her hugged her passionately before gently turning her around. After kissing her forehead and her nose, he finally sealed her lips in a kiss; he really needed her comfort at this very moment.
In the end, looking at the man who got out of bed in embarrassment, Anastasia stifled her laughter under the covers. This guy is really asking for it. He shouldn’t have asked me to sleep in his room.
It was early morning, and the whole Tillman Constructions was in a state of agitation after the company had shut down for a few days. As the company’s new president, Alex was in a terrible fix. As soon as his car drove in, it got surrounded by a group of employees because they weren’t getting their paycheck for the month.
After getting out of his car, Alex had no choice but to promise them that they would get their paycheck. Otherwise, he wouldn’t even be able to enter his office.
“What do we do now, President Hunter? Now that the orders have been canceled, our goods can’t be shipped out. Our warehouse is now overstocked with goods.”
Stressed out, Alex put his head in his hands, but he was also at the end of his rope.
Shortly after that, the two other shareholders came as well. They had made money with Francis being the company’s president, but now they were losing money with Alex running the company. As a result, they panicked as well.
Thrown into a state of restless anxiety, Alex nearly gave up the shares he was holding. Just then, however, he thought of begging someone. Anastasia. As long as Elliot stops targeting me, those big clients will definitely come back, he thought. Immediately, he dialed Anastasia’s number and implored, “Miss Tillman, please ask President Presgrave to give our clients back to us. Our
company really can’t hold out any longer.”
Anastasia sounded very apathetic on the other end. “Even if the company can’t hold out anymore, it’s your own business. If you really can’t manage it, you can transfer your shares to me and let me manage it instead.”
But how could Alex be willing to hand the company over? “Miss Tillman, we’re a family. Surely your father wouldn’t want his company to go bankrupt, right?”
“My dad no longer has anything to do with the company. Now that we’re the ones holding shares in the company, even if the company goes bankrupt and undergoes liquidation, it’s our own business. What does my dad have to do with it?”
“Still, you own 30 percent of the company’s shares. Won’t it pain you if you lose money?” Alex tried to persuade her.
Anastasia replied with a sneer, “I don’t care. I’m fine with losing money.”
Alex nearly spat blood in anger. “You…” To think that she’s stamping on me in such a way! She’d rather watch Tillman Constructions go bankrupt because she’s got Elliot at her back and is afraid of nothing, but Erica and I have no way out! He began to think of selling off the company. The only way out is to sell it off. Now that there are no signs of improvement, the company is gonna be ruined at my hands.
He tried to call another building materials company, wanting to sell them the shares under his name, but the person rejected his offer outright. He then made several other phone calls to the businessmen who had shown interest in Tillman Constructions, but they also rejected his offer, as if the company was a hot potato that they dared not even touch.

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