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My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 465

Chapter 465 Extraordinarily Sweet

“I will do it for you, Anastasia!” Erica, who usually called her sister by her full name, suddenly offered to help. Erica didn’t dare show disrespect toward Anastasia now that Elliot was there. She needed to leave a good impression on him.

After Anastasia obediently gave the teapot to Erica, she sat beside him before she grabbed a handful of cherries and passed them to him. “Here.”

Elliot then took one cherry out of her palm and popped it into his mouth. She, too, ate one as she looked at him. It was somewhat unbelievable to her just how elegant his movements were even when all he was doing was eating a cherry.

How can a man look so graceful in everything he does? she wondered.

He kept going until there wasn’t a cherry left in her palm, so she went and grabbed another fistful for them to share. Erica was sitting across them making tea as she witnessed their soundless intimacy.

She could die from jealousy right there and then.

Elliot would only show this friendly side of his when he was with Anastasia.

If it were any other women, he would have immediately put an unapproachable front by being his usual cold self.

“I bought the cherries! They are great, aren’t they, Anastasia?” Erica asked abruptly. She wanted to remind them that she was there as well.

Hearing that, Anastasia casually replied, “It’s alright.” She stopped eating the cherries after that. Instead, she started peeling two oranges, and Elliot only ate what she peeled.

He acted as though fruits that had been in her hands tasted sweeter.

“Please have some tea.” Erica served him a cup of tea. As soon as the cup was in his hand, he took a small sip of it before turning to Anastasia again.

“I want more oranges,” he murmured

Anastasia swiftly took two more and began peeling one of them for him. Just as she was in the middle of it, the man suddenly put two peeled pieces of oranges into her mouth.

She was startled at first, but she soon began to enjoy the sweetness erupting across her taste buds. Erica could only continue to watch their lovey-dovey act.

“Is it good?” he asked in a serious voice, and she nodded.

At that, Anastasia hummed in reply. “It’s delicious.”

He then peeled another orange and brought it to her mouth again. With that, her mouth was full with that oh-so-sweet orange.

Erica was starting to feel upset as she watched the couple. Despite how much effort she put into dolling herself up, the man had not spared her even one glance.

As she felt weird about staying with them, she quickly stood up as she mumbled, “Uh… I will go to the kitchen for a bit.”

Neither of them said anything to Erica in reply. Anastasia only proceeded to shove a whole orange she had just peeled into Elliot’s mouth.

Knowing that she did it intentionally, he bit the orange in half before sending the other half to her mouth.

Anastasia instantly flushed as red as a tomato at that. She could never win every time she tried to tease him.

Still, the orange he fed her tasted extraordinarily sweet.

“Does the orange that has been in my mouth taste good?” he leaned in next to her ear and asked, making her blush.

Erica, who had gone into the kitchen, was visibly upset as she stood beside her mother, her lips pouting. Naomi could only look at her with sympathizing eyes.

It didn’t take long before Francis had returned with Jared. Not only did the young boy have milk with him, he was also carrying an expensive-looking toy robot.

As soon as Anastasia saw it, she sternly asked, “Jared, did you pester your Grandpa into buying you a toy?”

“No, I didn’t.” The boy’s cheeks puffed up. “Grandpa wanted to buy it for me.”

Francis hurriedly added to back his grandson up. “I bought it for Jared. He didn’t pester me or anything. It is only normal to buy presents for children during Christmas, yes?”

Elliot was still frivolously playing around with Anastasia just a second ago, but now, his back was as straight as a pole and a serious expression appeared on his face.

Francis then sat down and poured more tea into Elliot’s cup, and he warmly said to the younger man, “Have some tea, Young Master Elliot.”

“Mr. Tillman, you can just call me by my name,” Elliot replied with a smile.

“Alright, then. Elliot it is!” Francis called out rather naturally. Truth was, he had already thought of Elliot as his son-in-law.

As the men conversed, Anastasia brought Jared beside her for some fruit. It was then that Francis was surprised by the resemblance between Elliot and Jared. Elliot looked exactly like Jared’s biological father.

Francis had never directly asked Anastasia about the identity of her son’s real father. He never had the courage to do so either. He had always regretted the five years she went missing after he had misunderstood her.

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