My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 2085

Olivia also felt too ashamed to remain there, so she planned on leaving with her husband the next day. Meanwhile, the entire island was still brimming with wedding cheer. Josephine was about to accompany her mother back when Luke rushed over and said, “Joey, I heard the boats are going out to sea tonight. Do you want to come with me? Maybe we can watch the fireworks show on the ocean.” Heidi immediately nudged her daughter and said, “Go ahead! You guys should enjoy yourselves.”

“Mom-” “You rarely get any days off, so now that you’re free these days, have as much fun as you’d like. I can go back on my own.” With that, Heidi walked toward the row of cars waiting for passengers. Josephine said to Luke, “Go ahead and have fun. I don’t feel like going.”

“In that case, I’ll stay with you wherever you go. All my time tonight belongs to-” Before Luke could finish speaking, a man’s voice forcefully interrupted him.

“Come with me, Josephine.” Ethan suddenly made his appearance, ready to snatch Josephine away. Luke immediately stretched out his arms and stopped Ethan from getting closer to Josephine. “Hey, I was the one who asked Joey out first. Don’t you dare snatch her away.”

Josephine blinked her slightly hazy eyes, and ast she looked at Ethan in his black shirt, she found that he looked a little too handsome with the neon lights illuminating his face. She blinked a few more times, then asked, “Where are you taking me?”

‘Just come with me.” With that, Ethan stepped forward and took her hand, then moved to leave. Luke had never held Josephine’s hand by force before. He said angrily, “Ethan Quarles, was it? Let go of Joey right now!”

Josephine was stunned too, but in the next moment, she was led forward by some force. She didn’t know if it was the alcohol or whether her brain had turned to mush, but she followed the man and kept going. Ethan led her into at car, then got in himself and told the driver to start driving.

Behind them, Luke immediately got into another car and said, ‘Follow that car in front of us.” In the car, Josephine’s mind was clearing up as she asked curiously, “Where exactly are you taking me?”

“You’ll know when we get there, Ethan said mysteriously. Josephine thought that this man probably couldn’t do anything bad to her. Even the air felt free tonight, so she decided to go wild just this once. She wanted to see where this man would bring her.

Finally, the car pulled up at the pier, Josephine looked down the pier to see a boat waiting for them. What was more, it didn’t look like the type made to ferry guests; it looked more like a private boat. “Come! I arranged this especially for you.” With that, Ethan took her hand again and began walking.

Josephine allowed him to lead her toward the brightly lit boat. She felt as if she were the female lead of a movie with a romantic atmosphere and the handsome male lead, as well as the beach and the boat. Everything was extravagant and charming like a movie.

It didn’t seem like a bad idea to be a female lead for once. While Josephine was getting into the boat, she heard Luke’s desperate shouts coming from the pier behind her. “Joey, Joey… Wait for me.”

How could Luke let this opportunity go? He wanted to get onto the boat and go out to sea with Josephine too. However, two bodyguards suddenly reached out and blocked his path.

“Why are you stopping me? I’m a guest,” Luke said immediately. “Sorry, sir, this is a private boat. It’s not meant for other guests.” “What do you mean?” Luke couldn’t understand for a moment. “This is Mr. Quarles’ private boat.”

Luke was dumbfounded. What? Ethan’s private boat? Did he bring his boat here as well? “Joey! Get off, Joey. Don’t go with him! He’s dangerous!” Luke shouted toward Josephine from the railing.

Ethan turned around and narrowed his eyes. He glared at Luke with an extremely sharp and cold look, then extended a hand in front of Josephine. “Ladies first.”

The wind was quite strong at the pier, and Josephine could only see Luke’s animated behavior as the latter was being held back. She couldn’t hear what he was saying, and she even asked Ethan, “What is Luke saying?”

“Ignore him.” Even if Ethan could make out Luke’s words, he wouldn’t tell her.

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