My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 2084

Josephine had consumed a few glasses of wine, so her face was tinted red. There was even a glassy look in her eyes as she said to Ethan, “You should go back to your seat and eat something.”

Ethan’s gaze lingered on her face for a few seconds. He then reminded her, ‘Don’t drink too much.” Josephine’s face reddened even more. Why did she feel like he was speaking as if he were caring for her as a boyfriend?

At the banquet, Olivia kept making phone calls to Selena, but her daughter wasn’t picking up. She couldn’t help but complain to her husband, saying, “What’s wrong with Lena? She’s not picking up my calls, and she disappeared just like that.”

Connor shook his head as he replied, “How would I know?” All of a sudden, Josephine felt it was necessary to inform them of the truth; Selena was probably too ashamed to tell them.

“Mrs. Aguirre, could you come out with me for a moment? I’ll tell you what happened to your daughter, Josephine said to Olivia. Olivia stood up, half doubtful as she asked, “Do you know what’s going on?”

“Yes, I do.” Josephine nodded. Olivia followed Josephine to the lawn outside. She even looked a little impatient as she said, “What exactly do you want to say to me?”

“Mrs. Aguirre, your daughter has done something vile,” Josephine said, turning around. Olivia’s expression shifted as she retorted in anger, “My daughter is innocent. She’d never do anything wrong, so don’t slander my daughter like that.”

“Let me tell you, then. Your daughter didn’t leave of her own accord-she was chased off this island by the Presgraves because she leaked photos of the wedding to a media company. She even accused me of doing it,” Josephine said calmly.

“Nonsense! What evidence do you have that my daughter framed you? I’ll sue you!” Olivia immediately threatened. Josephine pulled up the recording of her conversation with Selena and played it for Olivia. When Olivia heard it, she panicked. The voice in the recording did belong to her daughter. Selena was trembling as she pleaded, so it was obvious that she was the real culprit and had begged Josephine for mercy.

“Well, do you believe me now? Your daughter is a relative of the bride, but she did such a horrible thing. That’s very unethical of her.” Josephine felt injustice on the bride’s behalf as well.

Olivia was panicking now, and she was embarrassed as she asked, “Did they really chase my daughter out?” “Yes, Mr. Presgrave himself gave the orders to chase her out,” Josephine said.

“That girl, how could she do such a thing? I’ll teach her a lesson when I go back.” Olivia immediately pretended to complain about her daughter to get out of the situation. Then, she said to Josephine, “Miss Jacobson, I’d like to apologize to you on my daughter’s behalf.”

“It seemed like you and your husband weren’t aware of anything, so I just wanted to inform you guys about it.” With that, Josephine turned around and went into the banquet hall.

When Olivia returned, she had an uneasy expression on her face. Everyone had more or less eaten their fill, so Olivia tugged at her husband’s sleeve, signaling that they should leave.

Connor had a little too much to drink as well, for the wine here was the most fragrant he had ever tasted. Olivia helped him up and went out, then got a driver to drive them back to the villa. As soon as they returned, Connor lay on the couch and fell asleep.

Olivia angrily grabbed her phone and dialed her daughter’s number. At that moment, after the hour-long flight on the helicopter, Selena had just arrived at the pier. When she heard her phone ringing, she reached out and answered the call. “Mom?”

“Look at what you’ve done, you brat! Why did you leak photos of the wedding? Our reputation is ruined because of you,” scolded Olivia. Selena thought she could keep this a secret forever. She said guiltily, “Who told you, Mom?”

“Who else? Josephine, of course! Why did you frame her? Do you have a grudge against her or something?!”

“Mom, I just arrived at the pier. I’m going back first.” Selena didn’t want to say anything more. After all, she would never be involved with the Presgraves again for the rest of her life.

Olivia finally came to her senses and regretted the way she raised her daughter. Now, Selena was all grown up, but all she ever learned was to cause trouble. She was hopeless.

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