My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 2083

Meanwhile, there was a celebratory atmosphere in the banquet hall. Josephine was a little upset because of Selena’s incident, so she drank more wine than usual, and she couldn’t quite stop. “Joey, this wine is nice too. Do you want some?” At the side, Luke introduced more wine to her.

Frankly speaking, Heidi was quite satisfied with Luke. Even though Luke didn’t have outstanding looks, he still came from a decent background. He had also put in a lot of effort to pursue her daughter, but her daughter declined his advances all the time..

“Luke, help yourself to more food!” “You too, Mrs. Jacobson. I’ll deliver more supplements to you later.” “It’s okay. You gave me plenty last time, and I haven’t finished them yet!” Heidi said with a smile.

While seated at the main table, Ellen was wearing a festive red dress, and she exuded the charming and tender aura of a bride. Jared took care of her with great consideration, and Willow was seated at the side as well. They were very considerate of Ellen.

Due to his unique identity, Ethan was also seated at one of the front tables. However, as he chatted with the guests, he couldn’t help but steal glances behind him. Because of the obstructed view, he could only catch sight of Josephine’s figure every now and then. “A toast to you, Mr. Quarles.”

“As to you.” Ethan clinked glasses with the person, and after he had finished the wine, an idea occurred to him. “Enjoy your meal. I’m going to talk to a friend.”

With that, Ethan took his wine glass with him as he headed straight for Josephine’s table. Meanwhile, Olivia was suggesting to Connor that they should toast at the Presgraves’ table. She wanted to get on good terms with the Presgraves so that they could help them in the future.

However, Connor wasn’t quite willing. Firstly, he felt like he had no right to meet the Presgraves. Secondly, it was a big day for Ellen, so he didn’t want to affect her mood. Thirdly, the Presgraves might not welcome theSeeing that her husband was too timid, Olivia could only give up. They were still unaware of the fact that their daughter had been chased off the island!

After observing Olivia, Josephine realized how Olivia managed to raise a cunning woman like Selena, Olivia was a very selfish person herself; she had terrible table manners, and she kept hoarding the latest dishes so that she could taste them first before everyone else.

Josephine watched Olivia’s behavior as if she were watching a show. Meanwhile, the other guests at the table chose not to speak up since they had their reputations to maintain, but they were obviously upset.

Just then, Luke was about to put some food on Josephine’s plate when he noticed Olivia grabbing the dishes again. He said harshly, “Ma’am, let’s be decent people, alright? Stop hogging the dishes; it’ll come to you.”

Olivia almost lost her cool, and with another glare from Connor, she reluctantly let go. As Luke scooped up the food, a pair of arms rested on Josephine’s shoulder. A low and alluring man’s voice sounded. “Miss Jacobson, here’s a toast to you.”

Josephine’s heart skipped a beat, and she turned to see that Ethan had arrived. She immediately got up and took her wine glass, clinking it with his as she said earnestly, “Mr. Quarles, thank you so much for helping me out.”

Heidi turned to look as well. Her eyes widened when she registered what she was seeing. Since when had her daughter gotten to know such a tall and handsome man? He looked even better than a male model! What was more, he had a noble and elegant aura about him. “You’re welcome. We’re acquaintances, after all. It was nothing.” Ethan curved his lips into a smile.

“No, if possible, I insist on treating you to a meal as thanks.” Josephine thought that thanking him wasn’t enough to repay this kindness, so she should treat him to a meal. “Really? In that case, I’ll be waiting,” replied Ethan eagerly.

“Who’s this, Joey?” Heidi tugged at her daughter’s sleeve. It was only then Ethan remembered that Heidi was sitting next to Josephine. He immediately smiled and greeted, “Hello, Mrs. Jacobson. I’m your daughter’s friend.”

“Hello, hello! What’s your name?” Heidi hastily asked. “My name is Ethan Quarles,” Ethan replied with a smile. At the side, Luke suddenly lost interest in the food as he turned around and said, “Joey, stop chatting. Have some more food.”

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