My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 2082

At that moment, Jared was waiting for Ellen to change into her evening dress. He grabbed his phone and listened to the recording right away. His sharp eyebrows immediately furrowed. Selena didn’t turn from her evil nature, and she even leaked photos of the wedding to frame someone else. A person like her had no right to attend his wedding, much less be treated as a guest.

Jared lifted his phone once more and gave an order to the person on the other end of the line, instructing, “Go to the banquet hall and ask the guest named Selena Aguirre to leave. Get her off the island immediately.”

“Understood, Mr. Presgrave.” Meanwhile, Selena was still seated on the bench. She was stressed out, and she felt that Josephine wasn’t someone she could mess with. She wondered if Josephine would tell Jared about this. If so, a terrible end would await her.

The bodyguards couldn’t find Selena in the banquet hall, so they went to the garden to look for her. When the two bodyguards spotted Selena sitting there, they immediately went over to her and stood behind her, saying, “Miss Aguirre, Mr. Presgrave wants you to leave the island immediately. Please come with us.”

Selena’s face turned pale in shock. She hastily said, “I am a guest, and the bride’s cousin at that. You can’t just chase me out.” “Those are orders from the young master. If you refuse to cooperate, Miss Aguirre, we’ll have no choice but to force you out.”

“How dare you?! Bring me to your young mistress. I want to see Ellen.” Selena didn’t want to leave, for she had planned on enjoying another week on this island. Even if she couldn’t get Ethan, she had other chances.

Also, this would be the only time she could visit this island, and she hadn’t had enough fun just yet. Even if she had to shamelessly beg Ellen for it, she wanted to stay.

Seeing her refusal to cooperate, the bodyguard could only call Jared and say, “Mr. Presgrave, Miss Aguirre wants to speak to the young mistress.” Jared said, “Let me have a word with her.”

The bodyguard immediately passed the phone to Selena. “Mr. Presgrave wants to talk to you.” Selena took the phone with shaky hands and placed it to her ear. “M-Mr. Presgrave,”

“Selena, from today onward, I won’t let Ellen have anything to do with your family anymore. Also, you’re not allowed to talk to her for the rest of your life-you have no right to. If you don’t want my subordinates getting rough with you, you’d better get lost right now, Jared said furiously. Even if he were the bridegroom, he refused to give Selena any respect..

Selena’s face reddened before it turned pale. Jared’s words were like a dozen slaps to her face, and she felt her face burning in pain. After returning the phone to the bodyguard, Selena stood up and said, “I’ll inform my parents, then I’ll go with you.”

With that, she bit her lip and walked toward the banquet hall. When Olivia saw her coming back, she immediately said, “Lena, come and sit down. The food is served, and lobsters are on the menu. You love them, don’t you?”

Opposite them, Josephine sneered as she looked at Selena. When she saw the two bodyguards at the entrance, she knew that Selena would be chased out soon. At that moment, she was very much satisfied. “Mom, I… I have to leave. I need to deal with. something urgent, so enjoy the dinner with Dad,” said Selena.

“What? What’s so urgent that you have to leave right now? Aren’t we going to stay here for another week?” Olivia was so anxious that she stood up. She was completely out of the loop.

and she didn’t want her daughter to waste this opportunity. “Mom, I really can’t stay here. I have to go.” With that, Selena turned around and walked away, her eyes red.

“Lena, Lena-” Olivia shouted, feeling distraught. Connor was confused as well. “Why did Lena leave just like that?” “I’m not sure either. We planned on spending another week here, so why is she leaving already?” Olivia felt that her daughter shouldn’t leave at all.

When Josephine saw that, she knew right away that Selena hadn’t dared tell her parents about what she did. Josephine decided that she would be nice and tell them instead!

“Oh, that girl. She was even making a fuss about eating lobsters this morning!” Olivia looked toward the main entrance, wishing she could just drag her daughter back.

Meanwhile, Selena was in the bodyguards’ car, on the way back to the villa to gather her things. After that, she had a dejected look on her face as she was sent to the airport, where a helicopter soon took her away.

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