My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 2081

After sending the email, Josephine waited for the sender to take the bait. A message appeared on Selena’s phone. Even though she sent the email anonymously, she could still receive replies from it. When she saw that the TV station had replied to her, she grabbed her phone in a panic, then got up and went out.

When Josephine saw Selena getting up and leaving the table, she was almost certain that Selena was the perpetrator. This time, she would catch Selena. Josephine got up with her phone in hand as well. Then, she followed Selena to the lawn outside.

Selena was sitting on a bench on the lawn while looking at her phone. When she opened the email and read it, she couldn’t help feeling surprised and elated for a few seconds. She didn’t think she would be rewarded for submitting something.

Could it be a cash reward? Selena was in dire need of money right now, so she would never pass up the chance to get any. She quickly memorized the phone number stated in the email; she wanted to ask how much money she could get at once.

Selena dialed the number and waited for the person to pick up. Meanwhile, Josephine was holding her phone which was on silent mode. Just then, a call came in.

Josephine’s red lips curved into a sneer. As she picked up the phone, she walked toward Selena. As soon as the call went through, Selena asked anxiously, “Hello, I heard that your company gives out rewards for submissions, am I right?” “Yes, that’s true,” Josephine answered enthusiastically as she walked toward Selena.

Selena had no idea that Josephine was walking over to her from behind. She just wanted to know how much money she could get as a reward, so she continued asking, “May I know what the reward is? Will it be in the form of money or a gift?”

At that moment, there were only a few feet between Josephine and Selena. Josephine strode right up to Selena and stared at the latter. When Selena saw her, she was flustered for a moment before she said angrily, “Can’t you see that I’m on a call?”

“You were asking about the reward for your submission to our TV station, weren’t you?” Josephine was sufficiently pissed as anger colored her beautiful eyes. She suddenly raised her hand, then delivered a slap across Selena’s face.

Selena was seated, so she couldn’t dodge it in time. Hence, she received Josephine’s slap squarely on the face. “How… How dare you hit me!” Selena never thought that Josephine would hit her.

Josephine raised her phone and showed Selena the number displayed on it. “I used the email to bait you, successfully proving that you were the one who leaked the photos. Selena, come with me to the bride and apologize to her.”

Selena’s face immediately turned red as she realized that the reward was just a lie, and her actions of framing Josephine were exposed just like that.

When Selena heard that Josephine wanted to take her to Ellen, she hastily put on a pleading expression. “I’m so sorry, Miss Jacobson. I didn’t do it on purpose, and I sent those photos without thinking. Please have mercy on me!”

Josephine crossed her arms and snorted. “Have mercy on you? You almost ruined my reputation, and now you’re asking me to have mercy?”

“How about this, Miss Jacobson? I’ll do everything you ask. As long as you don’t tell anyone about this, I’ll even kneel in front of you!’ Selena was panicking now. She never thought that Josephine would figure out that it was her. She glanced around, and with the bench as an obstruction, she got down on her knees in front of Josephine.

“Miss Jacobson, I’m begging you. Please forgive me.” “Forgive you? Do you know how much the Presgraves were affected by the photos you leaked? I will never forgive you.” Josephine was not open to negotiation. She walked toward the banquet hall with her phone in hand. At that moment, the neon lights lit up, looking pretty and festive.

After Josephine went back to her seat, she took out her phone and sent Ethan the recording of the conversation between her and Selena. She also sent a message saying, ‘I’ve figured it out. Selena was the one who leaked the photos. She even admitted to it’

Meanwhile, Ethan was about to leave the villa to get to the banquet hall. He heard the notification and proceeded to read Josephine’s message. Then, after listening to the recording, he forwarded it to Jared. He left a voice message, saying, “Jared, we’ve found the culprit. Josephine is innocent. Deal with it as you please.”

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