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My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 2047

The Presgrave staff assigned to send the wedding invitation to the Aguirres had to
hand- deliver it to Connor before he could leave, and it sure as hell was an adventure
for him, for he had to ask for directions several times before he was finally certain
which was the Aguirres’ address.
After climbing five levels of stairs, he cross- checked the address while heaving before
knocking on Connor’s door, and the person to answer the door was none other than
Connor himself. “Can I help you?”
“Hi, are you Mr. Connor Aguirre? I’ve been assigned to deliver invitations for the
Presgrave Family. Please accept your invitation.” “The Presgrave Family’s invitation?”
Connor exclaimed with excitement as he accepted the invitation. “Yes. It’s the
wedding invitation of Young Master Presgrave and Miss Reiss. We look forward to
seeing you there. I’ll be off now.”
After seeing the staff away, Connor sat excitedly on the couch and looked through the
invitation. As he read the name, a pang of guilt hit him, for he never thought Ellen was
still willing to invite him to her wedding even though he had done so many terrible
things to her.
Just then, Olivia returned home, and she instantly questioned upsettingly when she
saw her husband looking at a wedding invitation on the couch, “Who’s getting married
this time? Don’t tell me it’s another family asking for wedding gifts!”
“This… This is Ellie’s, Connor revealed, shocking Olivia. She snatched the invitation
from him and huffed while looking at the name. “To think that wretched girl is lucky
enough to actually marry into the Presgrave Family.”
Suddenly, she stared at Connor and asked, “Say, Connor, do you think Ellen invited
you or all three of us?” “You guys just stay here. I’ll go alone.”
“Why? I’m her aunt. Why can’t I go? And Lena’s her cousin. She has the right to go
too!” Olivia’s life was absolutely miserable now. There was no way she would miss out
on such an event. After all, it wouldn’t be bad if she could at least eat a feast!
However, Connor was insistent. “You just stay here.” He didn’t want to bring his wife
along because he didn’t want to upset Ellen. Actually, even he felt somewhat
ashamed to attend her big day.
“What do you mean I stay?! Well, I’m going, and that’s finall. Just then, the main door
opened, and Selena. came in listlessly. Seeing that her parents were arguing again,
she exasperated, “Do you two have to yell at each other every day?! Give me a
But just as she was about to enter her room, Olivia stopped her. “Lena, take a look at
this. We’re going to a wedding!” “Not interested.” Selena turned and walked away.
She couldn’t even be bothered to meet people now, let alone attend a wedding.
“It’s Ellen’s wedding. Olivia revealed, causing Selena to immediately turn around just
as she was about to step into her bedroom. “Ellen’s wedding? She’s getting married?
Let me see!” she demanded as she charged toward Olivia.
With that, she picked up the wedding invitation. Connor and Olivia were so focused on
the bride and groom that they didn’t take a good look at the venue.

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