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My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 2046

At that, Selena hurriedly lowered her head and apologized, “I’m so sorry I slipped.” In
the end, she still turned to Ellen for help. ‘Ellie, please put in a good word for me.”
Meanwhile, Anastasia turned from displeased to shocked when she saw Selena
calling out to Ellen. “Do you know her, Ellie?” “She’s the daughter of that uncle, Mom,
Ellen answered, prompting Anastasia to size Selena up. She’s the girl they sent
abroad for studies?!
“I’m really sorry, Mrs. Presgrave. Please forgive me. I’m still fresh here, so I’m still
learning.” Selena immediately pulled the pity card. ‘Forget it. I won’t hold you for
Anastasia decided to overlook the matter only because of Ellen. Later, the manager
took Selena away and got someone else to serve them, and as Anastasia watched
the manager lecture Selena in the corner, she mused, Looks like they only sent her
abroad for dignity. She didn’t end up learning anything practical.
“Ellie, do you want to invite your uncle and his family to the wedding?” Anastasia
asked. She knew it was something she had to check with Ellen, and if the young
woman said yes, they would just do it according to her wishes.
It was justifiable, too, if Ellen said no, for even Anastasia didn’t want to forgive the
Aguirres for what they did to Ellen.
Ellen had actually thought about it, and she thought it wasn’t morally right if she didn’t
invite her uncle. Hence, she nodded. “I’d like to invite them if they’re willing to come.”
“Alright. I’ll have them send the invitation over. It’ll be up to them whether they want to
show up.” Anastasia nodded.
Meanwhile, in the corner not far away, Selena stood gazing in Ellen’s direction with
envy and jealousy. However, she couldn’t harm Ellen anymore, for Ellen had people to
defend her now. Plus, she dared not bet on her life anymore.
She had had enough jail time. Now, she just wanted to live, and judging from what she
heard about Ellen’s wedding, the latter’s life had reached a height beyond her
imagination. Just where had gone wrong?! What have I done to lose to Ellen when I
started off so much better than her?!
Even until Ellen left, Selena still couldn’t figure out what she had done wrong. Plus,
what happened with Charlie trampled her dignity and crushed her confidence, causing
the social. circle she tried so hard to build to come to nothing. Rather, it became her
life’s burden. The balderdash and big talks she made now taunted her, putting her in a
state where even she looked down on herself. The path that she didn’t take by herself
would eventually send her back to the starting line one way or another.
Meanwhile, Jared dialed a number he hadn’t called for a while as he stood in front of
the floor-to-ceiling window in the CEO’s office of Presgrave Group.
“Hello?” The line connected, and at the same time, howling wind could be heard from
the other end of the line. “Has the North Pole wind not sent you back home yet?’
Jared couldn’t help teasing. “Jared, perfect timing!”
“Really? Why would you say that?” “I’m scaling a mountain. The sound of something
sharp piercing into the snow could be heard as he spoke, worrying Jared instantly. At
that, he made it a quick one. ‘Alright, I’ll just say this. I’m getting married on the 18th of
February, so you get your *ss back here to be my best man.”
“Wait, what? You’re getting married?! You could’ve at least given me a heads-up!”
Ethan huffed. “Stay safe. I’m waiting for you.” Jared kept his words concise, for he
feared for the safety of his adventurous friend. “Alright, I promise I’ll come back in
“See you, then. Stay safe!” Jared couldn’t help reminding him. The Presgraves were
speedy when it came to getting the wedding ready. The private island was
immediately reserved for three months, becoming a place for the Presgraves to
welcome the guests.
The invitations were sent out very quickly, too, and Ellen provided them with Connor’s
address, which Connor gave her the last time. With that, one invitation headed to the

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