Mr. Ford Is Jealous by Boat of Peaches Chapter 657

Chapter 657 

Stella’s phone suddenly rang.

Sensing that it was a message from Weston, she did not take her phone out.

After walking a few more steps, a call came as if the texter knew her thoughts.

She didn’t pick up the call, but her phone kept ringing.

Hence, she stopped walking and took a deep breath before answering the call.


A low male voice sounded from the other end. “Come to the car and wait for me.” “Hello? I’m at…”

He had hung up before she could finish.

Stella furrowed her brows, feeling anger boiling inside. She ignored him and continued walking.

The next moment, a black car pulled up to her.

She recognized it as the one in charge of fetching her around.

As she expected, the car stopped right in front of her, and the windows rolled down to reveal the driver’s familiar


“Ms. Steele, Mr. Ford instructed me to come over to fetch you. Please get in.” “I have something else to attend to,” Stella instinctively rejected the ride. The driver looked at her pleadingly, clearly being put in a difficult spot. At that, Stella sighed and decided to get into the car. The car quickly drove towards a premium apartment, losing no time at all. In the parking garage, Stella looked at the driver and asked, “Where are we?”

The driver shook his head. “I’m not too sure myself. Mr. Ford gave me this address and said that he would come over soon. He asks that wait here for a while for him.”

Stella was annoyed to no end. She let out a deep breath in frustration and lowered the windows to seek some fresh air.

She had just calmed down when she saw Weston’s flashy luxury car driving in from the entrance.

She paused for a moment and retracted her hand that was on the door handle. She leaned back into her seat and stayed still

Very soon, Weston was at her door.

Stella wound up the window.

His cold but handsome face was right outside it.

Seeing Stella clearly bringing the windows up, he rubbed his forehead and glanced at the driver.

The driver immediately caught his hint and unlocked the car door.

Stella heard the sound of the doors unlocking. At the next moment, his hand reached over and hauled her into his arms.

The driver immediately shut the door and drove off.

The two of them were left in the parking garage.

Stella struggled against his grip. “Let me go!”

Weston pressed her into his embrace. “Don’t move! Stay still.”

Stella had no choice but to stop moving obedient, but her resistance was clear on her face. “Let me go, do you hear


Weston steadied her in his arms and carried her toward the elevator.

The elevator doors opened to reveal an empty carriage.

He strode right into it and pressed a button.

Stella started struggling in his arms again. “Let me go! I

can walk by myself!”

Weston ignored her and continued holding her in his arms.

After arriving at a specific floor, he put her down, pressed her against the wall, and kissed her.

He kissed her so hard that her lips bled. He only pulled himself back a little when he felt the sharp taste of blood in his mouth.

Stella kept struggling against his hold, yelling and kicking him. “Let me go! I said, let me go!”

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