Mr. Ford Is Jealous by Boat of Peaches Chapter 656

Chapter 656

Guinevere’s face froze. A moment later, she instinctively furrowed her brows.

Naturally repulsed at the sight of Stella, she was about to say something when she remembered that Weston was still next to her. She collected herself, pretended not to see Stella, and continued talking to Weston.

“The dishes were not bad today. What did you think?”

Weston couldn’t see Stella from his angle. “Let’s go to the car?” he said mildly, ignoring her question.

Guinevere held onto his arm intimately. “Let’s go for a stroll together, okay?”

Weston frowned and glanced at his watch.

Guinevere knew that it meant that he needed to return to work. She tightened her grip over his arm, saying coquettishly, “We haven’t been on a date for so long, and it’s so rare that we leave Zack behind at home to just enjoy each other’s company. Can’t you stay with me a while longer?”

“Where do you want to go for a walk?”

The two of them began walking over.

Stella retracted her gaze upon hearing their conversation.

She did not want either of them to notice her presence.

Guinevere clearly wanted her to hear their conversation as she deliberately led Weston toward Stella. When she walked past Stella, she suddenly slipped.” Ahh!”

She shrieked, prompting Weston to instinctively reach out to steady her. “Be careful.”

Guinevere accidentally bumped into Stella, and Stella stumbled a few steps back. She stepped aside hurriedly with a hiss of pain.

Weston looked over at her.

Stella immediately lowered her head so that he wouldn’t see her face. She didn’t say a word and turned to leave.

Guinevere saw Weston noticing Stella and immediately leaned into his arms, moaning in pain, “I think I sprained my foot…”

Weston turned back to look at her, his brow furrowing,” Can you still walk?”

“I don’t know, probably not…” She sighed. “I probably sprained my ankle. What should we do?”

Weston didn’t say anything further but simply hauled her up in his arms. “Be more careful next time.”

From the vantage point of being in Weston’s arms, Guinevere looked incisively at Stella.

Stella couldn’t be bothered to spare both of them another gaze and simply walked in the opposite direction. Guinevere suddenly thought of something and looked in the direction that Stella left, “I think I accidentally bumped into someone just now. Why did she just leave without a peep?”

Weston remained silent.

When they arrived at the parking lot, he settle Guinevere onto the seat and instructed the driver to start the engine. Guinevere was rather confused upon seeing him looking like he was leaving. She grabbed a corner of his shirt.“ Aren’t you going back with me?” “Are you not done with acting yet?” Weston looked down at her, his eyes looking both sympathetic and heartless at the same time. Guinevere sat silent for a moment. “What do you mean? I really accidentally sprained my foot just now.”

Weston pulled his arm away. “I hope you took to heart what I said just now, that you truly understand what I mean, and stop spending unnecessary energy on things that you shouldn’t be doing.” Guinevere’s eyes shifted. “I really don’t understand what you’re saying. Do you think I was pretending to sprain my foot? Yes, I did exaggerate things, but I really injured my ankle. I merely needed your help to carry me back to

the car. Was that asking too much?”

Weston rubbed the middle of his brows.

“Go home and have a good rest.”

The look of him not even willing to say more to her made tears well up in Guinevere’s eyes. “Are you going to look for her right now?”

Both of them knew who she was referring to.

Weston paused for a moment and left without turning back and replying to her.

Guinevere clenched her fists as she looked at his retreating figure. She suddenly yelled out loud, “Weston Ford, remember what you promised me!”

It’s all right, she said to herself. He might find Stella novel at this point and spend all the time he wanted with her, no problem.

He would eventually return to her and Zack. She didn’t need to be anxious or worried.

She could wait.

On another street, Stella pulled the strap on her bag and headed towards a taxi stand.

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