Mr. Ford Is Jealous by Boat of Peaches Chapter 655

Chapter 655

Guinevere picked up her wine glass and finished the remaining contents in one gulp.

She looked back at Weston. “I know what you mean. Sure, I can apologize to her, but you must promise me one thing.”


Guinevere took a deep breath and squeezed out a smile,” I don’t want someone insignificant ruining our relationship. I’m not as immature and insensible as Ella, and I’m fine with you wanting to placate her. She’s just another toy of yours that you’ll lose interest in soon, after which she’ll be nothing, and there’s no need for me to stoop to her level…”

“What exactly do you want?” Weston cut her off, his tone betraying his annoyance.

Guinevere paused for a moment, pretending that she did not hear what he said. “I want you to take some time to go on a holiday with Zack and me. His grandmother keeps talking about the three of us getting together for family bonding.”

with that, she placed her hand on the back of Weston’s

and gently tapped her fingers coquettishly on it. “Well?”

Roger came out to meet Stella over his lunch break and had to return to campus soon.

After their meal, Stella was to send him back to school.

She called for a cab and was about to enter it when Roger said, “Stella, I can head back by myself. You don’t need to send me back.”

Stella paused mid-stride, “Are you sure?”

Roger said helplessly , “Please, I’m a full-grown adult. Will anything happen to me on a cab back to school?” He was right, but didn’t Roger always like to stick with her?

Why did he suddenly stop her from sending him back to school?

Roger saw her pause in her movement, lifted his hand, and waved it in front of her. “Stella, what’s on your




“Don’t worry. I’ll be independent from now on and won’t let you worry.”

Stella looked at him, glad to see him behaving maturely.” Good that you think that way.”

With that, she shut the cab’s door and looked at it drive


In the car.

Roger looked back at Stella who slowly disappeared into the distance and heaved a sigh of relief. He said to the driver , “Send me to this cake shop before going to this


If it weren’t for Riley, he would have wanted to spend more time with Stella. It was all because she kept demanding this particular cake and made him bring it back for her.

He felt frustrated inside, but for some reason, he did not reject her request.

After seeing Roger off, Stella was fully intending to leave. She did not want to bump into Weston and Guinevere.


But, as Murphy’s law states, anything that can go wrong will go wrong. She had just turned around when she saw the two exiting the restaurant. She immediately took a sidestep to avoid them.

But it was too late.

Guinevere was holding onto Weston’s arm and looking up at him to say something. She felt a sudden movement from the side, looked over, and locked eyes with Stella.

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