Mr. Ford Is Jealous by Boat of Peaches Chapter 654

Chapter 654 

Guinevere was in disbelief as her face paled.

She snapped back to attention and asked incisively, “Did someone tell you something?”

“Seems like you know exactly what I’m talking about,” Weston looked up at her.

Guinevere took a deep breath and suddenly chuckled rather self-derisively. “So the purpose of this date was actually to seek justice for Ella Steele?”

Before Weston could reply, she went on the defensive and folded her arms around her chest, saying with an air of indifference, “I knew at that time that she would complain to you, but I didn’t expect her to be so quick about it… how petty.”

She surveyed her nails and went on, “Weston, I can understand that men like you fancy a little novelty outside, but isn’t this rather bad taste on your part?”

Weston remained silent, letting her go on.

Guinevere poured a cup of water and took a couple of sips. “What do you want me to do?”

“I don’t want history repeating itself,” Weston said leisurely but with a trace of coldness in his eyes. “I’m sure you know very well what you should be doing.”

Guinevere kept sipping on her water in an attempt to douse the rage rising in her throat. Trying to act magnanimous, she said, “Of course, do you think I’ll

stoop to Ella’s level? She likes creating trouble for you, but I don’t. I just find it tiresome for you.”

She shrugged and said with feigned nonchalance , “Ella obviously complained to you that I picked on her during the shooting, right? She probably misunderstood me. Why would I bother picking on someone who poses no threat to me? That’ll only serve to devalue me.”

“Try to think of something else to say that sounds more convincing,” Weston didn’t make things explicit, but his tone made his thoughts clear.

Guinevere saw the waiter serving their dishes and had to keep her temper in check. “Hello, Sir and Madam, your orders are all served. Please enjoy your dinner.” After he left, the two were once again alone in the private room.

Guinevere turned to look at Weston. “Weston, are you thinking of making me apologize to her?”

“If you really did what you did, isn’t an apology necessary?” Weston picked up the fork and knife leisurely and talked like he was chatting about the weather, but the imposing tone was hard to ignore.

Guinevere knew that he wasn’t negotiating with her and her fists clenched so tightly around her cutlery it was as if blood would begin oozing out any moment. The next second, she released her grip and said, “It was just a misunderstanding . A simple explanation will do. I’ve never picked on her. She’s the one overthinking things.” “I haven’t pinpointed any particular incident, but it seems like you’re very clear about what I’m talking about,” Weston said mildly, placing the steak he had sliced into her plate and exchanging it with her uncut one.

Such a thoughtful and gentlemanly move had become a habit to Weston.

But Guinevere couldn’t stop her heart from melting, “I know. She just thinks I bullied her that day at the mall, right?” Guinevere knew that there was no point hiding from a man like Weston.

He was a brilliant man and would never be fooled by anyone.

Many a time, he merely wasn’t bothered to expose another person’s lies.

Therefore, she decided to admit it openly. “I did act rashly that day, but I wasn’t targeting her. I mistakenly thought she was one of those vain girls who loved to buy

imitation goods online because she couldn’t afford the authentic ones. I know I’ve always looked down on people like that, which is why I intervened. I didn’t expect her to misunderstand me.”

She picked up her wine glass and clinked it against Weston’s glass. “Don’t worry. I’ll settle this. When it comes to things between women, I know better than


Weston remained silent as he picked up his wine glass and sipped on it.

However, a moment later, he looked up at Guinevere and said, “I won’t allow Ella to be poor and shabby, so don’t mistake her as vain and unable to afford such things.”

The smile plastered on Guinevere’s face faded instantly, and she could not force a smile no matter how she tried.

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