Master Odell’s Secret Ex-wife by Eggsoup Chapter 2082

Chapter 2082
Isabel frowned.
She knew what the man wanted to say. Decker was not only trying to ruin Roland’s
reputation, but he even believed she rose to fame because of Roland’s resources.
She had seen shameless people before but none were as shameless as Decker.
Isabel asked, “Decker, you’re a b*stard but you snatched the family assets of the true
heir. How could you have the face and audacity to show off in front of me?”
He probably thought snatching people’s things was a proud achievement.
Decker was probably offended by the word ‘b*stard’, his gaze turned cold. “I’m the
same as Roland’s father, we’re both our father’s children. My father loved me more
because I’m more capable, that’s why he left the assets for me.
He added, “Isabel, I got the Rockwells fair and square.”
“If I’m correct, most of the Rockwells’ businesses are under Roland’s grandmother’s
name.” A quick pause later, Isabel looked at him and smiled. “Decker, you know better
than anyone if you got the Rockwells fair and square.”
Decker’s expression turned grim. “Even if they are still under his grandmother’s name,
they belonged to the Rockwells.
Isabel, did Roland tell you anything?”
“No,” Isabel added, “He’s not like you who likes to badmouth people.”
Decker’s expression looked disheartened.
The elegance on his face faded as he glared at Isabel coldly. “Isabel, I’m being
tolerant with you because I like you. You better not challenge my patience.”
“No one wants your patience,” Isabel said with a scoff,” Decker, you’re just the head of
the Rockwells. Even if you are the king of the world, I don’t care.”
She sounded cold and stern.
Decker frowned. He looked at her in disbelief. “Isabel, have you fallen for Roland?”
Isabel looked into his intimidating eyes. “Yes. I like Roland, I, Isabel Ross, like Roland
Decker clenched his fist and his lips curled into a frosty smile.
“Then don’t blame me for being ruthless.”
Ruthless? Was it to Roland or them both?
Regardless, Isabel realized the man was sick.
She had broken up with him a long time ago and Roland had left Southboro to cut ties
with the Rockwells.
No one stepped on his tail, yet the man insisted on targeting the two of them.
Why? Was it because she fell in love with Roland?
Before Isabel could voice her thoughts, a cold and deep voice sounded, saying, “How
exactly are you going to be ruthless?”
Shocked, Isabel looked up.
Decker was surprised as well. He turned to the source of the voice immediately.
They were sitting near an entrance and Roland was coming in from there.
The black formal suit set off his slender and towering figure. His gaze was as cold as
ice, clear but also cold.
He walked to Isabel and glared at Decker.
It was just a moment but Isabel spotted a hint of panic in Decker’s eyes.
It was like someone who seized a higher position illicitly and suddenly ran into a
powerful person who could destroy him.
At the next moment, Decker curled his lips and returned to his usual elegance.
He asked with a smile, “Roland, are you here for Isabel?”
He made it sound like he and Isabel were close, which sickened Isabel.
Before Isabel could glare at him, Roland said, “Isabel is my girlfriend now, of course,
I’m here for her.”
Decker chuckled. “I know you two are dating but please don’t take this wrongly. She
and I are just chatting casually here, not talking about anything specific or what
happened five years ago.”

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