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Master Odell’s Secret Ex-wife by Eggsoup Chapter 2052

Chapter 2052
Their lips were glued to each other’s as they went at it for a while.
The temperature inside the car was rising rapidly, it was quickly getting hot and
steamy inside.
That was when Roland let go.
With her cheeks completely covered in red, she asked brazenly, “What are you
“This isn’t a good place,” he said in a raspy, suppressed voice.
He thought this place was too small and cramped for it?
Fair enough, she was not sure about doing it here either.
She only kissed him because she did not want to lose face as she wanted to be in
She knew better than to say it, so she squinted playfully and teased him,” What, you
don’t want to continue?”
Roland admitted quite frankly, “Yeah.”
She scoffed and gently nudged him away before sitting up. She declared proudly,
“Just remember that you’re the one who said no so I’ll let you off the hook this time.
Next time, I won’t be so merciful no matter the location!”
She put on a haughty display like she was the one in control.
Roland pursed his lips to try to suppress a smile as he replied, ” Understood.”
“I’m going back into the hotel for now, why don’t you go home too?”
Isabel smoothed out her clothes and opened the door. She walked outside with her
head held high as if nothing had happened at all.
Roland could not help but laugh and chuckle at the sight.
After ensuring she had walked into the hotel, he smoothed out his clothes as well and
drove off.
Isabel had scenes to shoot nearly every day.
When things progressed well, she could wrap up as early as the evening.
Sometimes when there were some hiccups, she would have to stay on set until late at
There were also some scenes scheduled at night, which meant she would have to get
up in the middle of the night for them.
This meant her working and resting hours were very sporadic.
Despite that, she would see Roland waiting for her in front of the hotel every two days.
He would always bring her something every time he came to visit. Sometimes, it was
food that Martha made for her while other times he would buy something from
downtown for her to eat.
They would spend time in the car.
He seldom spoke at all. He would just spend the duration watching her eat, then he
would wipe her mouth with a clean handkerchief.
After Isabel had her fill, she would pull him into her and kiss him, sometimes teasing
him a little.
He would always scantly react to her teasing, but his reddened ears gave him away
Isabel loved to see his reaction.
Then, on one certain night two days away from his last routine visit.
Isabel had texted him earlier during the day to inform him that she had a scene
scheduled at night and that he did not have to make the trip tonight since she was
To her surprise, after they wrapped up the shoot past midnight at around three, she
saw him standing outside the hotel entrance.
He carried a tray of food and perched next to his car waiting for her.
She was surprised to see him showing up at all.
Due to how regularly he showed up, most of the crew members were aware of his
existence as well.
When the other actors who got back to the hotel noticed him, they tacitly quickened
their pace to walk into the hotel, giving Isabel some privacy.

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