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Master Odell’s Secret Ex-wife by Eggsoup Chapter 2051

Chapter 2051
Roland entered the car after her.
The five-seater car was made by an international manufacturer and looked brandnew.
This did not seem like the same car he drove here two days ago.
Isabel asked curiously, “Is this a new car?”
“Why aren’t you using the company’s car?”
“I didn’t want to drive the company car to see you.”
Isabel seemed startled by the response.
Roland peered into her eyes without a word.
There was not a hint of indecent ideas in the clear sparkle of his eyes and yet, Isabel
was too shy to stare into them for too long.
She distracted herself by opening the food container and began munching at its
The snacks Martha made for her this time were different from the ones she usually
made, but they were just as delicious.
She could not stop eating once she started.
Roland watched her silently.
The sound of her teeth clacking against the food was the only noise inside the car.
Isabel could not bear the silence anymore, so she broke the silence with a question.
“Why aren’t you saying anything?”
Roland pursed his lips. ‘What do you want me to say?”
This startled Isabel and she shot him a discontent look before going back to the
It did not take long before she finished half of the container’s contents.
“Hie.” She accidentally burped.
She promptly covered the container with its lid.
“I’m full,” she announced.
Roland handed her a handkerchief like a dutiful waiter.
It seemed like he had it at the ready the entire time. It was a very clean and neat
She was just planning to slip out of the car and go back into the hotel when he patted
the corners of her lips with the handkerchief, wiping the crumbs of food from her lips.
Then, he leaned in close toward her.
She could see his mesmerizing eyes inches from hers. Her eyes darted to the bulb of
his throat, she stared at it with a transfixed look.
She gulped.
After he finished wiping her lips and seemed like he was going to draw away, she
could not resist the urge anymore. She leaned forward and planted a kiss on his lips.
The moment they kiss, she could feel his body stiffening.
It was just a simple kiss, but he seemed completely astonished.
It was surprisingly cute to see him behaving like this.
On a whim, she pried open his lips with her tongue.
She was just about to open her eyes to see his reaction when she suddenly felt his
palm placed against the back of her head.
With that, he collapsed over her.
In an instant, the prey had become the predator.
He pinned her on the car seat and kissed her passionately.
It was only when she thumped against his body with her hands that he let go at last.
He supported his weight on top of her and looked at her hungrily. They were rabid,
reddened eyes of a predator.
Isabel wanted to shoot a glare at him originally but flinched when she noticed the look
in his eyes.
She blinked shyly and gently nudged his body again. “What are you thinking?”
Her voice came out like a tiny squeal.
It even caught her by surprise as she did not know she was capable of producing a
sultry voice such as this.
Roland was just as surprised. He suddenly smiled bewitchingly with a suggestive look
in his eyes.
She shot a look at him. “Don’t laugh!”
He wiped away the smile, but there was still a distinct hint of a smile on the corner of
his lips.
Isabel grabbed his collar brashly. “Don’t laugh! Don’t try me, I’ll do you right here!”
Roland was startled by the firmness in her voice.
In the very next second, his lips curled up into a naughty smile.
He said in a seductive voice, a charming glow in his eyes, ’I believe you.”
Go ahead and try.
He did not say it, but Isabel could sense this was what he was trying to say.
Her cheeks became flushed with red, she was too stunned for words.
Complete silence.
She could not bear the intense tension between them anymore. With a sudden jerk,
she yanked at his collar to pull him toward her.
Roland pressed his entire weight on top of her. The two got tangled in a passionate

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