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Master Odell’s Secret Ex-wife by Eggsoup Chapter 2049

Chapter 2049
Then, Roland gently brushed his fingers against Isabel’s cheeks, and the pitch of his
voice dropped slightly. “I’m going now. I’ll come to visit you another day.”
With that, he stepped out from the shade of the umbrella.
Isabel held back a smile and stared at his quickly departing figure as he trotted toward
the car parked by the side of the road.
It was only after she watched him open the door and get inside, then drive away that
she finally stepped back into the hotel.
She had only just stepped inside and barely had time to put away the umbrella when
Carla rushed to her.
She looked at Isabel with a wicked smile on her face. “Who is that man? You were just
with him for a while, and your face is already so red. What’s with that?” she asked as
she helped Isabel put the umbrella away.
Isabel looked around and noticed the group of actresses who were gathered by the
window just now and gawking at the handsome Roland. It looked like they were out of
earshot, so she deemed it safe to tell Carla.
She smiled slyly. ‘That’s my boyfriend.”
“Huh?” Carla was taken aback by the answer and asked, “When did you start dating?
How come I didn’t know about it?”
Isabel admitted, “Just now.”
Carla stifled a laugh. She followed Isabel into the hotel lobby and began prying for
more details, “What’s his name? What does he do? Where is he from?”
“You’ve met him.”
“I have? When?” Carla asked in a queer voice.
“It was more than a year ago. We helped him at the side of the road when his mother
was suffering from some medical condition.”
Carla suddenly remembered the scene and let out an astonished yelp, “So, that’s him!
I was wondering why he looked so familiar.”
Somehow, one of the actresses heard them and spread the news of Isabel being in a
The next day, several media-affiliated accounts caught wind of the rumor that Isabel
was dating someone. Although none of them knew about the lucky man’s identity, the
key phrase “Isabel Ross is in a relationship” was trending by the next morning.
Isabel had just finished shooting a scene when she saw the news.
Amanda called her and asked without beating around the bush, ’Isabel, are you
seeing someone?”
Isabel broke out in an astonished voice, ’ How did you know?”
‘The news is spreading online. Everyone is saying that you’re in a relationship.”
Isabel processed the information for a while before asking, “Are there any pictures or
“Nothing, I already put our PR team on it.”
If there were no sightings of her with Roland, it meant that the rumors would only
continue to remain rumors no matter how quickly word spread around. All she needed
to do was not acknowledge the rumors and things would die down soon enough.
Amanda sounded concerned. “When did it start? How come I don’t know about it?”
Isabel answered with perfect honesty, “We just started dating last night. I haven’t had
time to tell you yet.”
“You’re too careless!”
They only started dating last night, and rumors were already circulating. What else
could that be if not carelessness?
Isabel was not bothered.
Just as Roland said, there was nothing wrong with her being in a relationship. It was
not illegal nor unethical for a celebrity to date.
She didn’t respond to the netizens because she did not want her private affairs to be
scrutinized by the public. Even if someone were to photograph her and Roland
together, she would remain largely unbothered.
Amanda sighed. Based on what she knew about Isabel, she knew it was not going to
fare well if they suggested they break up. She still asked out of curiosity, “Who is he?
Someone in the entertainment industry?”
Isabel told her, “He’s not in the industry. He’s around the same age as me and is very
When she mentioned that her boyfriend was very handsome, the pitch in her voice
rose slightly, enameled with what sounded like pride.
Amanda snickered and advised her, “Alright, just be careful when you see him going
forward. Be careful of paparazzi taking pictures.”
“I understand, don’t worry.”
With that, Amanda hung up.
Isabel swiped to her feed to take a quick look.
People were still discussing rumors of her having a boyfriend, but attention revolving
around the subject was starting to wane.
Most people simply wanted to know who the mysterious boyfriend was. Nobody had
any ill intentions.
The rest of them were focused on criticizing the media outlets for breaking the news
without any pictures or videos serving as evidence, accusing them of falsifying news
for clicks.
Her fans were busy shooting down the false rumors. They claimed she was too busy
with her career to date at all.
She estimated that within a few hours, people would come to forget about it. She put
away her phone and prepared for her next scene.

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