Married at First Sight by Gu Lingfei Chapter 1994

Donald was speechless. He couldn’t say it, so he didn’t say it. He just kept quiet, but
he didn’t know that silence was the same as agreeing, which led Kevin to be even
more sure that Hayden was a woman.
“Aren’t you gay?” Donald asked deliberately.
Kevin smiled, “If Hayden is a real man, then I’m gay. Whether I’m gay or not, I’ll
change with Hayden.”
Donald: “…”
He really wanted to ask Kevin how he knew that the “eldest son” was a woman, but he
felt that if he asked, it would be tantamount to admitting his daughter’s identity, and if
he let her know, he would be angry with him again.
“You young people’s affairs, you handle it yourself, we are the elders, don’t intervene.”
Donald could only cover up like this.
Kevin said with a smile: “Uncle and Auntie, you are both parents with very open
minds, just like my parents. If you are both free some other time, I will invite you both
to Wildridge Manor. My parents will definitely become good friends with you.”
Donald also laughed, and the two continued to walk out, “I haven’t seen your parents
for a long time after Mr. Bucham’s wedding. Let’s go visit another day.”
In the end, Donald was still a little uneasy and asked: “Kevin, I don’t have any
opinions, and neither does your aunt, and we don’t get involved in your efforts to find
my family Hayden. You young people should deal with this, but didn’t your grandma
set up a wife for you? Are you sure you can handle your grandma.”
Old Mrs. York’s status in the York family was supreme. Even Zachary, the head of the
family, couldn’t do whatever he wanted in front of grandma, otherwise he wouldn’t
have married Serenity under grandma’s hard and soft ways.
Now that the relationship between the young couple was better, Zachary felt that
grandma’s original decision was right.
There was no guarantee that Zachary would not hold grandma responsible even if the
husband and wife had always respected one another like ice.
Kevin said affirmatively: “Uncle Queen, don’t worry, if I dare to pursue Hayden, I
guarantee that I will not let her down, and our Yorks’ sons will not play with other
people’s feelings.”
He never told Donald that the wife his grandma chose for him was Hayden.
He wanted to tell Hayden about this in person.
Guaranteed to be a shocker.
Now, Hayden probably couldn’t figure out how he knew she was a woman even if she
wanted to break the sky.
Kevin learned from Donald that Hayden was a woman, but he was also curious about
how grandma discovered the flaw.
If his second brother and sister-in-law hadn’t advised him to pursue Hayden directly,
he wouldn’t have believed that Hayden was a woman, because he couldn’t find any
He just believed that his grandma would not cheat him.
He was beating drums in his heart, for fear that something might go wrong with
grandma, causing him to really pursue a man.
Fortunately, it turned out that grandma still loved them, and it was impossible to cheat
him on marriage matters.
Donald: “I don’t worry. Your York family is famous for its good family style. Except for
the Johnson family in Annenburg, there is no other big family with such a good family
style like yours.”
Donald and his wife had a good relationship, but it didn’t mean that everyone in the
Queen family was good. Anyway, every family has a difficult script to recite.
Kevin: “The Johnson family has a close relationship with our York family. My sister-inlaw and the young lady of the Johnson family are good friends, and Fifth Young
Master Johnson is after my sister-in-law’s cousin. The two families are already
inextricably linked.”
Donald didn’t know this.
Hearing what Kevin said, he became more and more determined to support Kevin in
chasing his daughter.
As long as they became in-laws with the York family, it could bring many benefits to
both families.

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