Married at First Sight by Gu Lingfei Chapter 1992

Hayden: “…”
“Madam York, do you know about me and Kevin?”
Grandma May: “I know, the Internet is so developed now, even though it happened in
Jensburg, as long as I go online, I can see it in Annenburg.”
Hayden suddenly felt that she was doomed to fail again by making this phone call to
Grandma May knew it, and Kevin’s own mother knew it too, but Grandma May who
was known as head of the York family didn’t respond much, let alone take care of
Kevin, so why would she sue?
It’s useless to sue.
As a result, as Zachary stated, they would not care who Kevin was pursuing as long
as he was happy.
“Madam York, I am a man.” Hayden said in a low voice, “I don’t like people of the
same s-e-x. If Kevin spends so much time on me, it’s destined not to have good
results. I think he treats me like this because he doesn’t want to marry the wife you
have chosen for him. You chose wives for your grandchildren. We’ve all heard about
Grandma May smiled and said, “Didn’t Kevin tell you clearly?”
That br*t started pursuing Hayden, but he didn’t even tell Hayden that Hayden was his
Hayden understood the point, and she said in a low voice: “Kevin didn’t make it clear
to me, Madam York, does Kevin pursue me for something else?”
“…Hayden, you can ask Kevin, this is about you two, I am old, my eyes are dim, my
ears are not working well, I have to walk with a cane, I really don’t have the energy to
care about your youth people’s business.”
After finishing speaking, Grandma May stuffed the phone back to Serenity with a
guilty conscience, and said to Serenity in a low voice: “Seren, that’s your sister-in-law,
you can deal with her.”
Serenity: “…”
Serenity pretended not to know anything, and said to Hayden: “Mr. Queen, there is
nothing else, I will hang up first, and I will play outside with the children.”
“I’m bothering the young mistress.” Hayden wisely ended the call.
She knew in her heart that there was something hidden in Kevin, even if she asked,
no one would tell her.
She wanted to know the reason, so she could only ask Kevin.
Hayden put down the phone, thought for a long time, and finally resisted not calling
Kevin immediately.
Since Kevin didn’t tell her, he didn’t want to tell her, and it was useless for her to ask
him. That man had a long tongue, but what he didn’t want to say, it’s impossible for
her to pry his mouth open.
Kevin didn’t know that Hayden called to sue him again.
His pursuit of Hayden really made Hayden angry and helpless.
After leaving Queen Enterprise, Kevin first called to arrange for someone to pass on
the fact that the wife of the businessman in Wiltspoon was surnamed Farrell to some
people in the Farrell family, and then he prepared a generous gift and went straight to
Queen’s house.
Donald and his wife liked him very much at first, and Kevin could feel that it was
Hayden who said that his grandma chose him a fiancee, and Donald and his wife
were much colder towards him.
Smart people could naturally figure out why.
Kevin decided to follow the route of his parents-in-law.
To please Donald and his wife, let the future father-in-law say more good things about
him in front of Hayden.
Here Kevin continued to pursue Hayden passionately, while on the other side he took
the route of his parents-in-law. With both approaches, he couldn’t believe that he
couldn’t catch up with his wife.
Kevin drove directly to Queen’s house.
Donald just wanted to go out. He was bored at home and wanted to go out to chat
with friends. Mrs. Queen had already invited friends out to play.
Seeing Kevin coming, Donald had a companion, turned around and drove the car
back to the mansion, and said to Kevin: “Kevin, you came just in time, let’s go fishing.”

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