Married at First Sight by Gu Lingfei Chapter 1991

After thinking for a while, Kevin said: “Yes, but you have to be careful. Use others to
disclose this news to the people of the Farrell family, and don’t tell it yourself, so as
not to be involved in the disputes of the Farrell family.
Matriarch Farrell is a bit older, but she is still in good health, and this woman has been
ruthless since she was young, so she is not easy to mess with.”
He joked with her again: “All the real and fake daughters of the Farrell family like you.”
Hayden: “…Kathryn just admired me. I told her clearly that there would be no result
with her, so she let it go very simply and neatly.”
Hayden never liked Shiloh, who used to believe she was superior and the future head
of the Farrell family, and she dislikes her even less now.
Didn’t say she was a woman, even if she was a man, she would not choose Shiloh.
“Hayden, don’t get involved in this matter, I’ll arrange someone to spread the word.”
Kevin didn’t want his future wife to be involved in the struggle of the Farrell family.
After Hayden glanced at him, she said, “It’s just a message, anyone can do it.”
Kevin stopped talking, knowing that she was not the kind of person who was afraid of
causing trouble.
The two chatted for such a long time, and it was already time to get off work. No
matter how unhappy Hayden was, Kevin just relied on her and insisted on treating her
to dinner.
There was no dinner at noon, so Hayden had no choice but to ask Kevin to treat her
to a meal.
However, after the meal, she was determined not to let Kevin enter the company
again, so as not to affect her work.
Kevin was once again blocked at the door of the Queen Enterprise. Before Hayden
entered the company, she warned him: “If you continue to use the tweeter to make
noise, I will contact the police. Once you cause a disturbance, I will call the police.”
Kevin smiled and said: “Since you don’t like it, then I will listen to you. All the men in
our family are like this, and they like to listen to what the other half has to say.”
Hayden: “…”
She really wanted to beat him up.
How shameless!
She didn’t even accept his pursuit, and he actually regarded her as his other half.
Was he really not afraid that his grandma would scold him when she found out that he
was pursuing her?
After Hayden returned to the office, he took out her mobile phone and called Serenity.
Serenity is the oldest mistress of the York family. It was not difficult for Hayden to
know her contact information.
Serenity quickly answered her call.
“Hello, who is this?” Serenity didn’t know that this strange number belonged to
“Excuse me, is this Miss Serenity? I’m Hayden Queen, the president of Jensburg
Queen Enterprise, and I’m sorry to interrupt you.”
It turned out to be Hayden.
Serenity was quite surprised, guessing why Hayden contacted her, but with a smile on
her mouth, she asked politely, “Is there something wrong with you, Mr. Queen?”
“It’s true. Miss Serenity, I heard that you’re traveling with the old Mrs. York. Would it be
convenient for me to talk to the old Mrs. York on the phone?”
Serenity replied: “Yes, Mr. Queen, wait a moment.”
Hayden hummed, and then heard Serenity calling for grandma.
Soon, she heard old Mrs. York’s voice.
“Madam York, I’m Hayden.”
The two have met several times, and when Hayden talked to the old Mrs. York, her
tone was naturally much lighter.
“Hayden, what’s the matter? Did Kevin bully you? That br*t, I’ll beat him up for you
when I get back. My crutches are already itchy, I want to find someone to beat him

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