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Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 1290

Chapter 1290 

Stop crying, Grapie. I’ll help you solve all of your 

problems. My little princess must be happy at all times!While stroking Ninian’s soft long hair, he expressed his distress

Ninian responded with a little whimper and nodded

All right, don’t cry. There are so many people watching.Adina laughed gently. “You’ll end up with an ugly face if you don’t stop crying.” 

Only then did Ninian come back to her senses. Oh right! There are so many people watching.‘ 

She emerged from Adina’s arms flushed, her face red, and she was slightly awkward to meet everyone

Standing at the side was Everett, who had tidied himself up nicely. Mr. And Mrs. Winters!” He walked over and politely said

Duke turned to face the source of the sound, and his gentle gaze sharpened in an instant. While releasing a degree of pressure, he asked, So you’re Everett?” 

Yes, Mr. Winters,Everett said calmly, matching his 


I heard you involved Grapie in an accident last time

causing her to lose her speech due to a stress disorder. Is that true?” 

Duke’s voice was light and husky, but the silent pressure laced in his words pulled at everyone’s heartstrings

His question was sharp and straight to the point, making it impossible for Everett to avoid it

Whether Everett replied yesor no,neither would be a good answer

Everyone there had their hearts in their mouths

Brooklyn looked at Everett with sympathy in his eyes

When their old man met him for the first time, he asked, I heard my daughter proposed to you?” 

That question itself almost made Brooklyn’s knees weak

He had avoided this disaster for the time being due to the emergency situation on Everett’s side, which made his fatherinlaw divert his attention

This time, I’ll see how Everett responds to the question.‘ 

Under Duke’s invisible pressure, Everett looked up and 

replied, Yes.” 

When he heard that, Duke’s face fell. If you already knew how much danger you pose to her, why wouldn’t you leave her alone?! 

The Craig family failed to manage their family affairs properly and dragged my precious daughter into this. What is your intention? What are the Craig family’s intentions?!” 

Duke’s rage silenced everyone present

Everyone could understand him, especially the Winters siblings

Their little princess, whom they absolutely cherished, had suffered greatly because of Everett. The anger in him would not dissipate so easily

Even Duncan, the current head of the Craig family, struggled to keep his emotions in check in the face of Duke’s interrogation

Not to mention Everett, who was met with all of Duke’s anger headon

His face was pale, with cold sweat dripping from his brow, but his back was still straight, and he did not cower in fear

I apologize.With difficulty, Everett said. It’s all my fault for not protecting Ninian properly. I dragged her into all of this.” 

Since you know it’s all your fault, then you should stay away. You still won’t leave her alone. What do you mean by that?Duke said coldly

Everett’s cold sweat became even worse. It rolled down from his cheek to his chin, formed a droplet, and fell to the ground once more

Ninian could not take it any longer, stepped forward, and anxiously said, Daddy” 

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