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Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 1288

Chapter 1288 

Oh no, I completely forgot about him” 

Seeing the look on her face, Duncan hurriedly asked, Who is it? Who’s still opposed to you and Everett getting together? Tell me, and I’ll give them a piece of my mind.” 

You won’t be able to settle him, Duncan,Ninian lamented. That person is my dad.” 

Your dad?” 

The business legend of the last generation, Duke Winters?‘ 

Duncan almost choked

Oh boy. He really could not deal with that man

Duncan immediately deflated

It was better for him to just leave Everett to deal with his father and motherinlaw when he got better

He decided to back out of this

Alden was nearly finished deciphering all the files acquired by Everett

The targeted location was a small town in Umerica

The other party had a professional team that specialized in researching this type of harmful chip in order to profit 


They were severely affected as a result of Adina’s 

incident, but they were not completely destroyed

Instead, they managed to survive and began a new round 

of transgressions

They had no idea how Rowan was able to get connected to them and spent huge amounts of money to purchase the 


The Craig and the Winters family acted immediately after receiving this clue

From Rowan’s handover with the other party to 

purchasing medicines, productions, and more, the entire 

chain of people working on it was under control. They could detain all of them in a single sweep at any time

But the most burning question was how Rowan became involved with those people

Or was he being instigated from behind and used as a puppet to attack the Craig family

That person was very good at hiding their identity, with no trace of them visible

But Duncan had a feeling that this person knew the Craig family and had a close relationship with them

Everything was prepared and ready, but the final clue had not been solved yet

The Craig and Winters family could not carry out their plans. After waking up from the sick bed after listening to their concerns, Everett only said one sentence

Then we’ll continue provoking Rowan. I’ll do it.” 

Everyone understood exactly what he said

They knew he wanted to go up against Rowan’s control headon. He wanted to go see him, confuse him with his nonchalant demeanor, and destroy the last of his psychological defenses

Duncan immediately objected after his words were said

No! Absolutely not!Duncan was so enraged that he paced around the secret room several times before pointing at Everett and saying, Didn’t you feel like it’s better off dead when you were being tortured and under his control? Do you dare to try that again? What else can 

you bring out to face him? Are you willing to bet your life on it? 

You won’t be able to hurt yourself while you’re in the room, tied up and being watched by us. What happens if you’re free of all restraints and standing in front of Rowan, but you can’t control yourself

Who could stop you if you tried to kill or harm yourself at the time? You’re insane! You’ll die if you do that!” 

Duncan’s scolding was not without reason

Even Ninian shook her head and said, “I believe in your abilities, Everett. But I really don’t want to take any 

chances. I don’t want you to take such a big risk.” 

When everyone was opposed to the idea, Alden, who had 

just gotten off the phone, spoke up

Maybe we have another way.” 

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