Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 1287

Chapter 1287 

When Rowan passes out, Everett could finally relax a little

You can’t let him pass out as well,Alden grumbled. He has to stay awake and go meet Rowan in a normal state.” 

Only by convincing Rowan that the socalled chip is a hoax would they be able to completely destroy his 

psychological defences and reveal everything covered up behind the scenes

Otherwise, Everett would still have to endure some suffering

Both Duncan and Ninian fell silent after hearing that

Everett had already endured a lot while being tied up. How could he stand and face Rowan as if nothing had happened

It was an impossible idea

We’ll talk about that later. Let’s take it slow for now,Duncan lamented. Everett has been through enough in these two days. I really can’t bring myself to force him to 

do it.” 

Also, it was not something that could not be forced

It was already difficult for a person under control to stay sane, let alone act unperturbed

Where’s Everett’s laptop?Alden asked. He said he 

found some clues, but hadn’t had time to tell you guys about them.” 

I think I know what documents you’re talking about,Duncan said after a brief moment of thought. Everett gave them to me the last time, but he didn’t have the chance to explain before passing out. His files are 

encrypted, and I couldn’t get them open. I asked the help of the best hackers I know, but even they were unable to decipher it.” 

Let me try.Alden looked up and said, I can do it.” 

Duncan’s face lit up when he remembered Alden’s background. Oh, yes! How could I forget? Wait a minute, I’ll go get it for you!” 

I’ll go with you,Alden said. He paused for a moment, turned to face Ninian, and said, Grapie, you can just stay here with him. He’s been through a lot today, so give him some time to rest.” 

Ninian looked up in surprise. When she saw the supportive and understanding look from her brother, suddenly tears welled up in her eyes

Okay. Thanks, Al” 

Alden nodded and followed Duncan out of the secret room without saying anything else

Once they walked out of the room, Duncan squinted at him and sighed, Is the God who doesn’t know the 

sufferings of the world finally willing to bless us with his presence in the mortal world?” 

Alden knew that he was making fun of him, but he just rolled his eyes and ignored him

Duncan lacked the attitude and selfconsciousness of a CEO or head of the family. “Do you support your younger sister and my younger brother’s relationship?He continued teasing him

Alden kept his gaze forward, kept on walking, and ignored him

Your personality is similar to that of your older brother, George. You guys are no fun,Duncan grumbled. However, there are some pluses to being a boring but 

mature person. At the very least, I believe we are similar 

in age and have no barriers between us. As we’re about to become inlaws in the future, it’s natural that we must get along from now, right?” 

Alden stopped in his tracks, sideeyed him with cold scorn, and said, You’re hilarious, Mr. Craig. You’re already in your thirties, whereas me and my siblings are barely out of our twenties. I don’t believe we’re old enough to be your friends.” 

It’s not fun to poke fun at people’s ages, you knowDuncan said

Alden snorted, ignored him once more, and continued walking

Duncan followed him. While stroking his chin he jokingly said, But you aren’t against me saying that we’re in- laws, huh? You also allowed Ninian to accompany Everett alone. You seem to have accepted reality.” 

It makes no difference whether I accept it or not. The point is that someone in my family will most definitely refuse to accept it. As long as he’s against it, don’t even think about stealing sister, even if you have plans to betroth the entire Craig family to us.” 

Duncan straightened up in response to Alden’s words. Who are you referring to? Is it George?” 

Just wait,Alden said calmly as he paced forward leisurely. That person will be back very soon.” 

If Dad had known that not only Mel, but also Grapie had been swept off their feet, he believed that things were about to go down in Cairnstan

After that, no matter how hard Duncan tried to get the information from Alden, he remained calm and kept his mouth sealed

While Alden was trying to crack the code to Everett’s files, Duncan, who was extremely curious about it, went to Ninian and tried to get information from her instead

But after hearing that, Ninian’s expression changed a little

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