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Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 1286

Chapter 1286 

Ninian’s eyes welled up immediately. She never would 

have guessed that Everett would try to bite his own 


Guilt slowly crept into her heart. She could not imagine what she would do if something bad happened to Everett as a result of her actions earlier

Duncan rushed over quickly with a towel in hand and forced Everett’s mouth open. There were already signs of bleeding within the mouth cavity

“Bite the towel, Everett!Duncan said sharply

Everett continued to struggle and would not listen to any of the words

Everett! Everett!Ninian said anxiously while patting his face in an attempt to bring him back to consciousness. Please listen to us, Everett. Open your mouth and bite the towel. Don’t worry, everything will be okay really soon!” 

Her words had an immediate effect

Despite being disoriented, Everett still obeyed and 

opened his mouth

Duncan quickly shoved the towel into his mouth

Ninian exhaled a sigh of relief. She even shed some tears of joy

Alden was watching the whole thing unfold, but with mixed emotions in his eyes

He was well aware that controlled humans were 

completely devoid of their own sanity

That was why, at the time, his mother could end up walking into Harold’s room with a knife

But Everett was able to hear Ninian’s words… 

Everett’s feelings for Grapie were much deeper than he could have ever imagined

He silently backed out of the room, picked up his phone, and dialled a number

Dad, I need your help with something.” 

At the same time, across the ocean

Duke raised his eyebrows in surprise when he received the call from his son at home. His actions were so big that Adina, who was next to him, had noticed it as well

What happened?Adina asked in a whisper

Al is asking for our help,Duke answered weakly

Even Adina was startled by his words

Al had been mature and dependable since he was a child

and he had never sought help from others

But now, he actually called them and asked for help? 

Was today the day when pigs fly

Duke turned on the phone’s loudspeaker

While listening to Alden, the two had amused expressions that gradually turned serious and heavy

After hanging up the phone, Adina exchanged glances with Duke and said solemnly, Honey, I want to return to Cairnstan. We must address this problem in person.” 

Duke nodded and pulled her into his arms

Of course. And it’s about time our findings from all those years of research were finally being put to good use.” 

Adina’s expression lit up a little as she thought of their research findings

“Okay.She nodded

A private jet soared across the ocean in record time and was heading for Cairnstan

In the Craig family’s basement, Rowan was already out cold from all the heavy beating

On the other hand, Everett had fallen unconscious as well. 

Duncan’s expression fell as he stared at Everett’s pale 


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