Lucky Girl: Sweet Love, Eternal Passion By Q. NICHOLSON Chapter 9

Chapter 9 What A Smart And Brave Girl!

Cherry racked her brains for a possible way to get out of the game.

She had to figure it out quickly. Although she had promised that she would do anything just to hide that secret, she would still try to defend herself when there was a way to make the harm slighter. She believed that she could only protect the person she wanted to protect and guard the secret when she was alive.

Cherry gradually calmed herself down. She quietly hid behind Ron and slightly sobbed to make everyone think that she was crying. While they were laughing and mocking her, she took the time to observe the surroundings.

The first round ended too soon. Although Ron deliberately played his tiles randomly, she was indeed lucky tonight. Round one was a tie. No one lost or won. Then the second round began.

When Juicy saw that Ron didn’t lose, she frowned and pouted. Obviously, she was upset. Of course, the others were also unhappy.

“Cherry, come and pour me a glass of wine. Do you really think that you are Mrs. Frost now?” Juicy acted like she was the hostess and gave Cherry orders as if Cherry was a servant.

“Cherry, please pour me a glass of wine as well,” one woman ordered.

“Me too,” another woman chimed in. Several women who were close to Juicy also started teasing Cherry.

Cherry didn’t complain at all. She nodded at them and said in a low voice, “Okay. I’ll serve your wine now.” With tears in her eyes, she looked so aggrieved.

One woman burst into laughter, “Ha-ha! Look how senseless she is!”

“You’re right. Well, she is born to be a slave. Does she still want to be the hostess?” another woman interjected. Everyone sneered and looked at Cherry’s weak and vulnerable face with disdain.

Only Melvin saw the light that flashed across her eyes and the indifferent smile on her cold face.

Cherry stood up and put her purse on the sofa. With her back on everyone, she slid her hand into it for a few seconds before she turned around.

Melvin, who had been observing her all the time, stared at her clenched fist with curiosity. He wondered what she was holding in her hand.

Everyone was completely unaware of Cherry’s movements. And she also didn’t know that Melvin was watching her. She still looked dull as she timidly walked to the wine cabinet and picked up a bottle of wine. She then awkwardly walked back to them and started pouring wine in their glasses one after another like an obedient little maid.

When she was about to pour wine in Juicy’s glass, she purposely tripped over a woman’s leg. She stumbled, her body leaned forward, and fell heavily. But before her body could hit the floor, she reached out her hand to hold onto the edge of the tea table for support. Consequently, she knocked down two empty glasses.

“Ha-ha! You are so stupid. How can you let yourself fall twice in just one night?”

“Cherry, to whose arms are you going to throw yourself into this time? Unfortunately, the people sitting in front of you are all women.”

Juicy also burst into laughter. She sat up straight and said sarcastically, “Oh, why do you kowtow and kneel to me? How can I accept such big respect?”

Almost everyone laughed at her words.

Cherry felt so embarrassed. But she stood up, bent down, and patted her legs. With grievance on her face, she continued to pour wine into Juicy’s glass.

While the others were still laughing wildly, she turned to Ron and whispered, “Ron, my stomach is acting up. Can I go to the bathroom?”

“Why do you need to ask? Go away!” Ron snapped. Looking at the mahjong tiles in his hands, he suddenly became irritable. It seemed that good luck was on his side in this round.

“Okay. I… I’ll be right back,” Cherry promised like a little wife before she quickly went out of the private room with her head down.

Melvin’s eyes followed her until she closed the door behind.

‘What a smart and brave girl!’ he thought inwardly. There was a hint of amusement in his eyes.

If most people thought that Cherry didn’t have an outstanding personality, it only meant that she had hidden herself too well. On the surface, she looked weak and easy to bully. But the truth was, she was strong enough to endure anything and would seek revenge for the smallest grievance she received.

When Adrian happened to glance at Melvin, his eyes widened in surprise. “Melvin, am I seeing it right? Are you smiling so happily?”

“Don’t I usually smile?” Melvin retorted. He seemed to be really in a good mood.

“Yes, you always smile. But your smile right now is obviously different from usual. You always smile politely and indifferently. But now, I can feel that you are smiling from the bottom of your heart. What makes you so happy?”

“Well, let’s just say that I’ve found an interesting person.”

“Interesting person? Who?” Adrian looked around, but he didn’t find anyone special.

Then finally, he noticed that Melvin was looking at Juicy with a faint smile on his face.

“Really? You and Ron like the same woman?” Adrian asked, mouth agape with incredulity. “I’m sorry, but I really don’t find anything interesting about Juicy. The members of the Frosts indeed have the same taste,” he added.

Melvin just ignored Adrian’s complaint. While he was staring at Juicy, the scene when Cherry fell down and secretly put a pill in her glass flashed in his mind.

At that time, Cherry even deliberately stood up clumsily to attract everyone’s attention. Since all of them had their eyes on her, no one noticed the small suspicious white object in the glass. She also took advantage of the time when they were all laughing wildly at her. She got up and poured the wine again, and the pill immediately melted.

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