Lucky Girl: Sweet Love, Eternal Passion By Q. NICHOLSON Chapter 8

Chapter 8 Let’s Make Our Women As Stakes In Playing Mahjong

Ron’s bachelor party still went on. And just like an obedient young wife, Cherry quietly sat next to Ron, with her head lowered all the time. Although he ignored her, she couldn’t leave as long as he didn’t allow her to go.

Adrian leaned over to Melvin and curiously asked, “Melvin, how did you know that Cherry would fall? Did she do it on purpose? And even so, how did you know that she would intentionally throw herself into you?”

Melvin looked so charming when his lips curved into a smile. He took a sip of his wine and replied, “Because before she danced, she looked at the corner of the tea table and her ankle.”

“Really? How smart she is! But she really looks dull and stupid. She doesn’t look like a wise person at all.”

“She is actually much smarter than you,” Melvin confirmed.

“Do you mean she’s just putting on an act? She’s doing everything on purpose to make people think that she is stupid and weak? But why?” All of a sudden, Adrian became curious about Cherry.

With an enigmatic smile, Melvin said nothing.

At this moment, Ron pulled Cherry closer to him and put his arm around her shoulders. He then said to his friends, “If you are tired of singing, why don’t we play?”

The men exchanged wondering glances before one of them asked, “What do you want to play, Mr. Frost?”

“Let’s play mahjong,” Ron answered at once. “But it’s too tacky if we play with money. How about we make women as stakes this time?” he added.

“What? Women as stakes? But how?” Ron’s vicious friends seemed to be interested in the idea.

“Almost all of you have female partners with you, right? How about, whoever loses, his female partner will take off a piece of her clothes? Then the one who makes the other’s female partner take off all her clothes can sleep with that female partner for one night. Do you dare to play this game?

Well, my fiancee is my partner tonight. If you want to play with me, just let me know.” As he spoke, Ron hooked his arm around Cherry’s neck to show everyone that she was his female companion tonight.

“It sounds interesting. But Ron, please tell us the rules of the game in detail. It’s okay for you to make your fiancee your stake. But for us, we have to think it over carefully before we give away our babies.” The young man’s mouth was full of filthy words. But everyone knew that his words were only aimed at Cherry. Since Ron had both Cherry and Juicy with him, they knew that Ron would only use Cherry as his bet but not Juicy. Just like them, Ron would not let other men touch Juicy.

Ron explained with interest, “The rules of the game are very simple. For example, if I lose to Dario in the first round, my fiancee will take off her outermost dress.

Then if I lose again in the second round, for example, to Eric, she will take off her bra.” As Ron pointed at Cherry next to him, the men’s eyes simultaneously landed on her plump

breasts. Their lustful gazes showed how eager they were to see her sexy body after removing her little dress.

Then Ron continued, “If I, unfortunately, lose in the third round, and it happens to be Toby who wins against me, then she will take off her panties. And since it’s her last piece of clothing, Toby can take her home and sleep with her. So what do you think?”

“Sounds good to me. I’m in!” Eric Moore said as he raised his hand excitedly.

The others also expressed their interest in playing this exciting and erotic game.

Cherry’s face turned pale with fright. She couldn’t help trembling while tears filled her eyes. She gently grabbed Ron’s arm and begged in a low voice, “Ron, our engagement party will be held three days from now. Don’t play such a game, please.

I don’t like this kind of game. I beg you, don’t play it.”

“Honey, don’t be afraid. Promise, I won’t lose.” Ron pinched Cherry’s pale face lightly, but his eyes were full of coldness and scheming.

Despite Ron’s reassurance, Cherry still felt anxious. She knew that no matter how good his playing skills were, he would deliberately lose. Perhaps he really wanted to completely humiliate her in three rounds. Those who participated in the game all had obscene smiles on their faces, scanning her up and down greedily as if they could already see through her clothes.

“Come on! Let’s start now.” Everyone got more excited when the sound of mahjong tiles resounded through the private room.

Cherry lowered her head, anxiously trying to figure out a way to escape this doom. But all of a sudden, she felt that someone was staring at her intensely.

She subconsciously raised her head, and she saw that it was Melvin. She couldn’t help wondering what he wanted to do.

Why did his gaze give her a feeling that he had found an interesting prey?

Melvin met her eyes and raised his glass in her direction like a gentleman. There was still a steady, reserved, and breathtaking smile in his eyes. It was as if he could see through everything.

It was the kind of smile that made her very unhappy and uneasy. She knew that she couldn’t provoke such a dangerous man like him.

At the thought of it, Cherry immediately lowered her head again. For some reason, her heartbeat went abnormally fast. Even her back had gone a little stiff and cold. She could feel that the man opposite her was still staring at her with ill intentions.

The truth was, she wasn’t particularly nervous and scared when Ron proposed the game. She was only pretending in front of everyone. But now, she was really nervous and distracted after meeting the gaze and charming smile of this strange man.

Cherry shook her head lightly. It was not the right time to think about such messy things. What mattered now was for her to figure out a way to escape. Or else, she would really become someone else’s one-night stand tonight.

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