Lucky Girl: Sweet Love, Eternal Passion By Q. NICHOLSON Chapter 7

Chapter 7 Cherry Kissed The Prince Charming

Cherry’s face flushed like a sun-kissed apple upon hearing what Melvin had whispered to her. After all, she was still on top of him, pressing her body against him. They were in such an ambiguous stance. She felt embarrassed at once. After pouncing on him, she even reminded him to behave himself. Perhaps in the eyes of outsiders, it was she who should behave herself.

Sure enough, when she hurriedly held Melvin’s shoulder for support so she could stand up, some people behind her made some disdainful and sarcastic comments. One woman yelled, “Shame on this woman! She openly seduces a man in front of many people. Is she this eager to show her sexual prowess?”

“Look at yourself. You do not deserve noble people even if you dress up like one, bitch! You can’t even hold a candle to us,” another woman derided.

Another beautiful young woman chimed in, “Humph! How shameless she is! She dressed so little tonight to seduce Mr. Frost. And now, she even wants to seduce another man. Is she that thirsty of love?” Those women saw that Cherry had kissed Melvin, so they were jealous of her.

Although Melvin had just come back from abroad, some people in the upper-class circle had already known his identity. Besides, the older generation of the Frost family had more members.

The deceased old master of the Frosts had seven sons. The eldest was Ron’s grandfather, who was now seventy years old. The youngest was just in his early fifties, and he was Melvin’s father. Therefore, even though Melvin was only three years older than Ron, he was Ron’s uncle.

Melvin and his parents had been overseas all year round to make their business prosper abroad. Although there was no detailed calculation, everyone knew that their overseas business had flourished amazingly. However, Chinese people always preferred to return to their homeland, so Melvin’s family decided to go back to their hometown and grow their business domestically.

Thus, some affluent families who had unmarried daughters started to inquire about Melvin through different channels. And they were shocked by the information they had obtained.

Melvin’s business achievements and life experiences could be made into a movie. At such a young age, a compelling autobiography could already be written for him. He could be described as a perfect man. Young and promising, with assets worth hundreds of millions of dollars, and a rare business genius. His looks and temperament were also outstanding.

The most fascinating thing about him was that he was still single and never had a woman by his side. No wonder all the single ladies in the capital city were attracted to him. Besides, the main reason why these women came to Ron’s bachelor party tonight was Melvin.

When Melvin appeared, everyone was amazed. His handsome face, noble and cold eyes, and elegance awed all the women in the private room. He behaved elegantly, and he had good manners. Although he was polite and gentlemanly, his noble demeanor and the aura he gave off had a sens

e of alienation. He was like a noble king that others could worship but could not approach.

It could be said that most women in the private room fell in love with him at first sight. Not only did their faces turn red, but their hearts also beat faster. Even just a glance from him made them feel that life was so perfect. They felt so lucky to have met him.

However, most of them didn’t have the courage to approach him proactively in fear that they would be looked down upon by others. They were also afraid that they would make a fool of themselves in front of their prince charming. So all they could do was watch him from afar or secretly peek at him. Just by doing so, they already blushed with shyness.

Then something happened that none of them had expected. Their prince charming, whom they hadn’t even had the time to say a word to, was kissed by a shameless woman named Cherry Shaw.

First, she pounced on him. Then she kissed him without permission. How cheap those moves were!

Moreover, their prince charming always had that gentleman smile on his face. It was as if he didn’t feel disgusted with what Cherry did to him.

But since what had happened couldn’t be undone anymore, everyone was so jealous of Cherry. Some of them even wondered: What if they also pretended to fall into his arms later? Maybe he would fall in love with them at a glance.

It took Cherry a long while to stand firm. Looking at Melvin’s elegant and meaningful smile, she couldn’t help but blush again.

“Are you all right, Cherry? Didn’t you sprain your ankle?” Melvin asked with a concerned look on his face. His euphonious voice was pleasing to the ear.

“No… I’m okay. I… I’m… I’m just going to have a rest.” Melvin’s concern made Cherry’s heart throb abnormally. She had never been this nervous before.

Her intuition told her that he was a dangerous man and not as harmless and gentle as he looked. Besides, he seemed to have seen that she fell down on purpose when she danced just now. She didn’t know if he would expose her in front of everyone.

Cherry didn’t dare to look Melvin in the eye. She felt that his deep and cold eyes seemed to have the ability to see through everything. Perhaps her disguise was so ridiculous in his eyes.

He had the kind of gaze that made her feel nervous and get flustered. She quickly turned around and whispered to Ron, who had been silent all this time, “Ron, I… I sprained my ankle. Can I just go back and rest?”

Ron turned his eyes away from Juicy’s plump breasts, raised his head, and said casually, “You just sprained your ankle. It won’t kill you. Just sit here and have a rest.”

A hint of annoyance and impatience flashed through Cherry’s eyes. However, it was too fast to be noticed by others except Melvin. He captured every flash of emotion in her eyes accurately.

For him, she was getting more and more interesting. He knew that she was not the type of woman who would just suffer. He was eager to see how she would fight back next time.

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