Lucky Girl: Sweet Love, Eternal Passion By Q. NICHOLSON Chapter 6

Chapter 6 Did You Throw Yourself At Me

When the crowd finally came back to their senses, they couldn’t help but sigh. One woman suddenly exclaimed, “I’ve never seen such a shameless person before. Shame on you!

How can you still dance here after being insulted and humiliated? I’m really impressed!”

“That’s right! She is such a shameless woman. Indeed, she will do everything just to marry into the Frost family.”

People kept insulting Cherry while watching her dance. However, she just continued as if she didn’t hear anything.

It was Adrian who got anxious. He exclaimed in surprise, “Why is she really dancing? Is she a fool? Can’t she see that everyone is only making fun of her? Does she think that they will appreciate her performance?”

He looked at Melvin and said, “If you just sit here, I won’t. This is humiliating the Frost family, and I am not going to let this happen. Cherry and Ron’s engagement party will be held soon. If news comes out that she is doing a striptease in this club, your family will surely lose face.

If the Frost family doesn’t mind it, our Wood family does. If my aunt finds out about this, she will definitely beat me to death.”

Adrian was about to stand up to stop Cherry from dancing when Melvin suddenly grabbed his arm. With an indifferent smile, Melvin said in a calm tone, “You don’t need to worry about it. She will have a way to get herself out of trouble.”

“What are you talking about? Do you really believe that Cherry can find a solution to this mess? Don’t you even know how stupid and disciplined she is? What do you think she can do? If we wait until she really takes off her clothes, things will definitely become more serious.” Adrian stared at Cherry, who was still dancing. He was so surprised that she was really this stupid and eager to marry into the Frost family.

“Let’s wait and see.” Melvin’s deep and shrewd eyes were still glued on Cherry. The smile on his face was full of appreciation. It was as if he had found something fascinating and precious.

Upon seeing that Melvin was in high spirits, Adrian didn’t insist on stopping Cherry anymore. Instead, he asked curiously, “Melvin, my dear cousin, how do you know she has a way out of this? What can she do?”

Melvin lazily leaned against the sofa and crossed his arms over his chest. Obviously, he had no intention to explain to Adrian. He squinted at Cherry, who looked so beautiful while dancing. Indeed, she was an excellent dancer.

This time, several young men began to tease Cherry. “Don’t just dance.

Take it off!”

“Right! How can you call it a striptease if you don’t strip? Take off your dress now!”

“Come on! Take it off, Miss Shaw. Do you even know how to dance? Or do you need us to find another stripper to teach you?” They all stared at Cherry’s curvaceous, delicate, and smooth body lustfully and obscenely.

Cherry suddenly put her hands on her round and smooth shoulders and slowly pulled down the straps of her dress while softly swaying her hips.

When everyone held their breaths, waiting to see her full white breasts to show, she suddenly hit the tea table while swaying. She lost her balance, and before everyone could react, she directly fell on the sofa. Her performance was over.

Melvin saw that Cherry was about to pounce on him, so he subconsciously reached out his hands to catch her. Much to everyone’s surprise, his arms firmly held her slender waist and beautiful back.

As she felt his muscular chest and clear breath, Cherry’s pretty face suddenly turned red. Just now, she had only wanted to fall deliberately to the sofa. She didn’t expect that Melvin would catch her and hold her in such an intimate stance.

She struggled to get up quickly, but Melvin didn’t loosen her arms around her waist on purpose. Instead, he held her more tightly and pressed her body against his. He could even feel the softness of her plump breasts as her chest heaved up and down from nervousness.

Melvin leaned over and gently touched her round, pretty ear with his lips. He then whispered in a sexy and magnetic voice, “Miss Shaw, did you fall on purpose to throw yourself at me?”

As his flirtatious voice and masculine scent mixed with the sweet smell of red wine slowly hit her sensitive white ear, Cherry felt a flow of current that made her shiver. Her delicate face flushed even more.

“Well, gentleman, please behave yourself.” Cherry unprecedentedly got flustered upon hearing his question. She hurriedly struggled to stand up, pretending not to understand what he meant.

However, since she was wearing high heels and her body tilted down, she couldn’t stand firm. As a result, she pounced on Melvin again. He didn’t dodge. Instead, he watched her fall straight to him. Their eyes met, and their lips lightly touched each other.

Melvin felt the taste of her soft lips that were like cotton candy. He would surely remember them forever.

“Miss Shaw, please behave yourself,” he reminded her in a pleasant voice, with a faint smile on his lips and charming eyes.

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