Lucky Girl: Sweet Love, Eternal Passion By Q. NICHOLSON Chapter 5

Chapter 5 I Can Do Whatever I Want To You

“Cherry Shaw, your mother has once listed your merits in front of my grandfather as if selling a product.

She said that you are gentle, sensible, obedient, and lovely. You are good at playing chess, calligraphy, painting, singing, dancing, and even cooking. You are good at everything, and there is nothing you can’t do. Plus, she said that you can do everything for me. She also said that if you failed to please me, I can do whatever I want to you.

It seems that your mother deceived me. You can’t do anything, and you don’t even listen to me. Why should I still marry you?” Ron said with contempt.

“Tonight, I’m giving you two choices. You can either dance in front of us, or I cancel the engagement right now. Maybe your mother will then sell you to other rich men who will buy you at a good price.” Ron’s words were full of disdain and disgust. He did not only look down on Cherry and her family. He also humiliated and satirized them relentlessly.

Hearing his vicious words that were full of humiliation, Cherry lowered her head. Tears were streaming down her face that turned pale and blue because of too much shame. If she was like any other ordinary woman, she would have already left to avoid being humiliated.

Upon looking at her embarrassed face, the others were in an uproar. They didn’t want to let her off that easily. One of them shouted, “Dance now! Don’t let us down!”

Then someone added, “That’s right! You want to marry Mr. Frost, don’t you? He wants to see you dance. Why don’t you try your best to please him?”

“Don’t pretend to be innocent. If you are really a conservative woman, you won’t wear such clothes in public. Obviously, you only want to impress Mr. Frost by dressing up like that.”

Another woman said in a sarcastic voice, “Do you really think it’s that easy to be a daughter-in-law of an affluent family? Your parents have sold you shamelessly. How can you still want to keep some face?”

“That’s right! We all know that Mr. Frost doesn’t love you at all. But you still stick to him shamelessly. I have never seen such a shameless woman like you.”

“You know what? Mr. Frost and Miss Fairclough have been together for several years, and they are so in love with each other. They are actually a perfect couple. But they had to break up because of you.

How evil you are!”

“Some people really don’t know their place. Do you really believe that you will be happy in the future if you marry a man who hates you?”

“If a man hates me this much, I will definitely avoid him instead of shamelessly sticking with him. How humiliating and despicable it can be if I can’t find a man to love me.”

Another slender young woman stood up and said with contempt, “It’s useless saying that to her. All the Shaws are shameless. They only want money, not face. Of course, they

don’t have self-respect either. For the sake of money, they can let their daughter marry anyone. Money is everything to them, and nothing else matters. Talking about love with such a woman like her is an insult to love.”

Everyone’s eyes in the private room were all on Cherry. Most of them were cursing her for being so shameless. But the people who didn’t have a good relationship with Ron on the sofa opposite them couldn’t stand it anymore. For them, even if Cherry was really materialistic and vain, she still didn’t deserve to be humiliated like this.

If Cherry happened to be a weakling, she would have committed suicide by hanging herself with a rope.

Melvin kept his eyes on Cherry. The expression on his face had darkened as if anger gradually surged up in his heart. Perhaps it was because of Cherry’s indifference to the people who were humiliating her, or he was annoyed upon listening to the chatters of those noisy women. But one thing was for sure, he was very unhappy now.

He couldn’t understand why Cherry had chosen to stay and endure the humiliation rather than leave.

Was she this eager to marry into an affluent family?

When she saved the young woman a while ago, she was strong and brave. She was not as bad as the people described her now. If she didn’t give coat to that young woman, she wouldn’t be humiliated here because of her clothes.

Such a stupid woman! She knew what she was going to face, but she still gave her coat to a stranger. She deserved to be in this situation right now.

Adrian handed a glass of drink to Melvin and said softly, “Melvin, Cherry is crying. Are you just going to sit here and watch? If she really gives in to their request, it will be a disgrace to the Frosts.

Your nephew is such an evil man. How can he let so many people bully a cute girl like her? And he calls himself a man?

How can he force a young woman to dance in front of so many people with so little clothes on? She will be embarrassed. What’s more, Cherry does not wear so many clothes tonight. She will be completely naked if she takes off such a little dress.

If you don’t want to stand up and stop them, I’ll do it. The way Ron treats his fiancee right now is a disgrace to all men. He is worse than a beast.”

Just as Adrian’s voice faded away, Cherry abruptly stood up. Her chest was heaving up and down, and her hands clenched into fists. Obviously, she had plucked up all her courage to make an important decision.

Everyone’s eyes were fixed on her. They were all anticipating what she would do next. But most of them had already surmised that she would either leave or pick up a bottle of red wine and pour it on Ron’s face.

However, they didn’t expect that she would gently stand on tiptoe and spread out her arms, ready to dance. Everyone was dumbfounded.

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