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Lucky Girl: Sweet Love, Eternal Passion By Q. NICHOLSON Chapter 4

Chapter 4 Do A Striptease

“I’ve heard that she is the second daughter of the head of the Shaws. She is also the most beautiful and talented student in the Regal Dance Academy. Except for having a dull personality, she is outstanding in every other aspects. She has a pretty face and a perfect figure.

The Shaw family is a social climber. They are in a rush to let Cherry marry Ron, who is already disabled. It’s just a pity that a woman like her who looks like a delicate flower will fall in the hands of the ungrateful Ron. Look at him. There’s a woman who is willing to marry him, but he doesn’t cherish her at all. He still regards himself as a handsome young master of a rich family,” Adrian said with great interest and curiosity written all over his face.

“In my opinion, the Shaws are shameless. How can they send their daughter to the Frosts in such a hurry? Ron doesn’t even appreciate her. Despite being bullied by Ron in front of many people, she doesn’t dare to retaliate or leave.

This is my first time I’ve seen such a useless woman. As Ron’s fiancee, she should say or do something when she sees him being with other women. Perhaps she deserves to be bullied. To be honest, I don’t like such a boring woman either.” Adrian kept on blabbering, making various comments on Cherry.

He then asked, “Do you know why Ron asked Cherry to come here tonight?”

Melvin didn’t say anything. He just raised his eyebrows slightly and took a sip of his wine elegantly, gesturing to Adrian that he was willing to listen attentively.

“I just found out from Ron’s close friends that they had agreed to tease and make fun of Cherry until she can’t stand it and asks for the dissolution of their engagement.

But from what I am seeing right now, it seems that Cherry is willing to endure everything just to be married to a Frost. I just hope that she can bear with them until the end. I know that there will a lot of surprises waiting for her later.

Alas, she is such a poor girl.” Looking at Cherry’s delicate face, Adrian felt a little pity for her. She was a good woman, but she was just being bullied by an evil man like Ron.

“Look at how she’s dressed up for tonight. She probably doesn’t know what they have installed for her.

I’m sorry if I have to say this, Melvin. But for me, your nephew is such a bastard. How can he bully such a little woman like this?

As his uncle, I think you have to reprimand him if he goes too far later. I don’t think it’s a good idea to make such a big scene. Even if you two don’t get along well, he still comes from the Frost family. The reputation of your family is at stake,” Adrian said enthusiastically.

Looking at Melvin’s emotionless face, he curled his lips and added, “Well, I think I have talked too much. I know that you are never a busybody.”

Melvin glanced at Cherry who was sat opposite him. She looked so ingenuous. His mouth curved into a faint smile as he lazily leaned back on the sofa and crossed his legs. He then said to Adrian meaningfully, “It’s good that you know that you talk too much.

Looks like a good show is about to happen this evening. Things are about to get interesting.” Melvin stared at Cherry interestingly. He knew that she was slightly shaking. Her acting skill was not bad.

“Of course, it’s going to be interesting. After all, this was supposed to be a welcome party for yo

u. It just so happened that Ron also set his bachelor party tonight. And since you have the same group of friends, we decided to gather for a double celebration. The truth is, we are really here to see you.

Before, people gave high importance to Ron as a well-known playboy. But now that he is half crippled, no one takes him seriously anymore. People are only willing to be with him because of the power of the Frost family in Lightbourne.”

Cherry lowered her head and rolled her eyes. She was not that foolish not to realize that she was in danger at this party tonight. She had to leave as soon as possible, at the same time she had to make sure that she wouldn’t anger Ron. She couldn’t give him any excuse to blame her or take advantage of the situation.

If the Frost family broke off their engagement, the person she wanted to protect would suffer, and the secret that she had been hiding for four years would be revealed. After all, an evil woman like Evie Wayne could do anything.

Cherry was still in a daze when Juicy suddenly said in a sweet voice, “Ron, I’m so bored. I want to watch some entertainment. Can you get your fiancee dance for us?”

As soon as Juicy finished her words, the others immediately agreed. One of them said, “Yes, that’s a good idea. I heard that she majored in dance, and she is a top student in the Regal Dance Academy. She must be an excellent dancer. Why don’t you let her dance for us?”

Another one chimed in, “That’s right. Let’s see what a professional dancer is like. Miss Shaw, can you please dance for us?”

The crowd shouted and cheered, urging Cherry, who looked nervous and scared, to dance. With misty eyes, she shook her hands in bewilderment. “No, no, no. You can enjoy yourselves here. I’ve studied folk dancing, and I know you will be bored with it.”

“C’mon! We like to watch folk dances. It’s a beautiful dance, and it will surely show your slender figure. Isn’t it a professional dance? Hurry up! Don’t ruin the night for us!”

With embarrassment written all over her face, Cherry looked at Ron, her eyes pleading for help. For the first time tonight, Ron said something to her, “Since everyone is so eager to see you dance, why don’t you give them one? You can do an easy one, or just do a strip dance.” Ron gently patted Cherry’s smooth and delicate shoulder. The way he spoke was like he was only talking about the good weather today.

“Wow! The most beautiful woman in the Regal Dance Academy is going to strip for us? I like that!”

“Hurry up! What are you waiting for? Everyone, make room for Miss Shaw!” All the women in the room gloated and teased Cherry.

“Ron, I… I can’t do that kind of dance. Can I… Can I refuse?” At this time, tears were already welling up in Cherry’s eyes. It was as if she was being forced into a desperate situation.

“If you don’t want to dance, then get out of here. I will also cancel the engagement party. Anyway, it will still be three days from now. I don’t like women who disobey and embarrass me in front of others,” Ron said indifferently.

“But I… I…”

Cherry hesitated for a long time. Then she said in a low voice, like a buzzing mosquito, “Can I go back and dance only for you? There are so many people here. I… I can’t do it in front of them.”

“As I’ve said, get lost if you don’t want to dance!” Ron snapped.

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