Lucky Girl: Sweet Love, Eternal Passion By Q. NICHOLSON Chapter 3

Chapter 3 Mr. Frost Is A Lucky Guy

Silence filled the room for a few seconds. Then all of a sudden, a young man shouted to the man in a mask meaningfully, “Mr. Frost, your fiancee is here!”

One of the two beautiful women beside the young man also commented, “Hey, isn’t she the second daughter of the head of the Shaw family? Someone is looking gorgeous tonight!”

“Yes! Mr. Frost is such a lucky guy. He will definitely have a smile on his lips even when he is in his dreams in the future.”

Hearing such unkind boos and jokes in the private room, Cherry felt a little embarrassed.

She smiled shyly at everyone like a frightened little rabbit and carefully passed through the men and women who were dancing in the room. She then sat obediently next to the masked man and put her purse on her lap. She looked a little uneasy.

“Ron, I’m sorry for being late. Something came up during my way here, so I was delayed.” Cherry seemed to be very afraid of the masked man beside her. She did not only speak in a low voice, but her fingertips also trembled slightly.

The masked man shook the wine glass in his hand and slowly took a sip, totally ignoring her. It was as if he didn’t hear anything she said.

At this time, a woman in a short dress with a glass of wine in her hand approached Ron. She then said in a sweet voice, “Mr. Frost, is she your fiancee? She looks average. I wonder why your grandfather wants you to marry her instead of me. Am I not even better than this dull fool in your heart?”

The woman then snuggled up in Ron’s arms. Her voice slightly trembled as if she was about to cry.

It was only then that Ron reacted. He seemed to care about the woman in his arms so much that he hurriedly coaxed her, “Baby, don’t cry. To me, you are always the best. Others can’t even hold a candle to you.”

“Really? Then can you give me a kiss? After all, after tonight, you won’t belong to me anymore,” Juicy Fairclough said in a coquettish but pitiful voice.

“Baby, don’t cry now, okay? My heart will always belong to you.” As he spoke, Ron Frost suddenly held her in his arms. It was as if Cherry, who was sitting next to him, was nothing.

Actually, Cherry was worse than nothing. After what the young man said just now, everyone in the room already knew that she was Ron’s fiancee. Their engagement party would be held in three days. But here he was, kissing his ex-girlfriend in front of her.

Ron held Juicy’s slender waist with one hand, and stared at her with deep affection in his eyes. The intense gaze made her blush in his arms.

“Hmm… stop it.

Don’t look me like that. I can’t stand it.”

“Baby, I love you so much,” Ron said in a deep voice.

“Ha-ha! You’re too charming.. But don’t you feel a little ashamed to say such words in front of so many people?” Juicy pretended to look shy. But she cast a challenging and disdainful look at Cherry, who was just sitting there quietly like an obedient child.


and Juicy continued to play with each other as if no one was around. They didn’t even mind the ambiguous glances of others.

When she noticed that most people in the room were looking at her gloatingly, Cherry lowered her head, clutched the purse on her lap with her trembling hands, and still sat quietly next to Ron. She didn’t dare to make a sound or even breathe.

Cherry knew that everyone’s eyes were full of malice. She also knew that Ron asked her to come here tonight to humiliate her and to warn her to give up.

But there was nothing else she could do but put up with everything that was going on and pretend to overlook Juicy’s gaze. No matter how disgusted she was with Ron and how much humiliation and embarrassment he would give her, she still had to marry him.

Cherry didn’t notice that as soon as she entered the room, Melvin’s eyes were all on her. He watched her every move, and it made him more and more curious about her.

A few moments ago, he had seen it with his own eyes how she brutally smashed the people with stones to defend the girl who was bullied. She had a confident and flamboyant smile on her face, she even told the girl that if someone took advantage of her, she should fight back because crying was useless.

But now, she looked so obedient and dull sitting next to Ron.

Her acting was indeed commendable as she was able to deceive all the people in the room except Melvin. He felt that she was very interesting. Even more interesting than what was happening in front of him.

Wasn’t it strange that a confident, vigorous, and special woman suddenly became quiet, dull, and obedient?

Since she was so good at acting, he wanted to see what this “good girl” was up to.

But there was something that he still didn’t know, so he suddenly asked his friend next to him, “What’s going on?”

“Huh? What do you mean?” Adrian Wood, who was watching the fun, did not understand what Melvin was asking about.

But when he noticed that Melvin was looking at Cherry, he finally understood and said, “Oh, do you want to know why Ron is making out with another woman even though his fiancee is sitting next to him?

Ha-ha! It’s a miracle that there is something you don’t know. Then let me tell you something about Ron’s love affairs.

That woman who is talking to Ron is Juicy Fairclough. She is Ron’s girlfriend. The two of them loved each other deeply. But Juicy comes from an ordinary family, and Ron’s grandfather looks down on her. Since Ron’s grandfather doesn’t like Juicy at all, he arranged Ron to marry Cherry Shaw.”

“Cherry Shaw…” Melvin repeated in a low but deep voice. He seemed to like the sound of her name.

Adrian thought that Melvin did not know who Cherry was, so he pouted his lips in her direction. “That woman sitting next to Ron is Cherry Shaw. She’s the unlucky woman who can’t even make a noise while watching his fiance kissing another woman.”

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