Lucky Girl: Sweet Love, Eternal Passion By Q. NICHOLSON Chapter 2

Chapter 2 You Are Wearing Sexier Clothes Than Me

The Twilight.

The Twilight was the most luxurious and high-end entertainment club in Lightbourne and was built in the suburbs near several universities.

Generally, entertainment spots were situated in the bustling downtown area, but Twilight dared to venture in the opposite direction. Despite that, it became the most famous entertainment club in the city. It had a mysterious aura that attracted the upper-class members of the society.

It was late night and there were few cars on the road. A luxury car came to a sudden halt in the middle of the road.

“What’s wrong?” A deep and charming voice came from the back seat of the car.

“Mr. Frost, I think there’s an issue with the engine. I’ll check it out right away!” the driver, Jack West, replied respectfully.

“Make it quick,” the man replied curtly.

At that moment, they heard a shrill scream from the bushes alongside the road. “Ah! Help! Someone, help me!

Who are you?! Get away from me! No! Don’t touch me!”

Jack looked in the direction of the scream and saw two young men, both with red hair, bullying a young girl and tearing at her dress.

“Sir, should we help?”

The man in the back seat of the car didn’t say a word, his eyes were fixed on the laptop screen in front of him. His slender fingers ran amok on the keyboard as he concentrated hard on his job. Jack got the answer to his question, and continued to check the engine.

Cherry heard the girl’s cry for help. She hesitated for a moment, but then took off in the girl’s direction quickly. She picked up two bricks on the way to her rescue.

She smashed them on the men’s heads simultaneously with no mercy. Before they could react, she grabbed a few more rocks and threw them at their heads, driving the drunkards to their knees.

“The police will be here soon! How dare you lay your hand on a woman without her consent!”

The men covered their heads and whined in pain. They glared at Cherry in fury, but if the police were really on their way, there was nothing they could do. They cursed her and ran away.

Cherry heaved a sigh of relief, thankful that they didn’t catch on to her lie. She turned to look at the girl on the ground. She was still crying, trembling in fear.

Squatting down, Cherry comforted the girl, “It’s alright now. Why did you come out this late, wearing so little? You were lucky I was passing by.”

Tears ran down the girl’s cheeks and her shoulders were shaking. Cherry patted her calmly and said, “Girls should learn to protect themselves. When others take advantage of you, you should be brave enough to fight back. Crying won’t solve anything. It’s useless.”

The girl’s tears gradually stopped. She grabbed the hem of Cherry’s clothes and said in a low voice, “Thank you, Miss. Could you… Could you lend me your coat?” The girl hesitated.

“I’ll pay for it!” she added nervously.

Cherry looked at her. Her clothes had been torn to pieces.

“Miss! Please, I beg you. My classmates will laugh at me if I return to the dormitory like this. I’d rather die than going through such embarassment!” the girl said, her eyes filling with tears again.

Cherry hesitated for a moment, she guessed that this girl was a fresher. She couldn’t ignore the her plea. Cherry took off her coat and wrapped the girl in it.

“Miss, you… You are wearing sexier clothes than me… I…” The girl stared at Cherry in a shocked surprise.

Cherry’s face turned red. Afte

r all, she had just lectured the girl about roaming around at night thinly-clad.

“Ahem… Go back to your dorm now. You can keep the coat!” She said goodbye and walked away from the wide-eyed girl. Cherry grabbed her high heels from the roadside and left quickly.

The man witnessed everything that had happened. His gaze was fixed on Cherry’s bare back, her well-toned buttocks and her slender, white legs.

‘What an interesting, double-faced woman!’ he thought.

He was just as surprised as the girl when Cherry had removed her coat.

And her personality was in line with his appetite. Her words echoed in his mind—’When others take advantage of you, you should be brave enough to fight back. Crying won’t solve anything. It’s useless.’

“Mr. Frost, the car is ready.”

“Good. Let’s go.”

Jack started the car. He talked enthusiastically about what he had just seen. “That girl was a bit too cruel to those men. It hurt to even look at them!

Girls nowadays are really two-faced. They tell others not to wear so little, but in the end, they go out looking like that! Look at her dress. It’s way too short!

If my daughter dressed like that, I would definitely kick her out of the house!”

Melvin Frost stared at the laptop screen without saying a word, but when the car sped past Cherry, he reflexively looked out the window.

‘Well, she does look good. But that dress… really doesn’t suit her.’

The incident was just an unimportant event that he had happened to witness on his way, and Melvin didn’t want to dwell on it. He had much more important things to deal with since he had just returned from abroad.

“Mr. Frost, we’ve arrived,” Jack said as the car came to a stop.

Melvin glanced out at the building in front of them. He turned off his laptop and got out of the car gracefully. He then walked into a private room of Twilight.

About fifteen minutes later, Cherry arrived at the same club. It was indeed the most luxurious club in Lightbourne. The European style building was brightly lit, making it look like a castle in the forest.

The hall was decorated with golden crystal chandeliers; the corridors were made of white carved marbles, and the floor was covered with an elegant handmade carpet made in Italy. The walls were decorated with expensive European-style murals, making the hall look incredibly luxurious.

As Cherry was looking around the hall, the people around were staring at her. The moment she entered, she was the center of everyone’s attention. The girl had walked into the club in such a bold dress, and her figure was accentuated by the tight outfit.

Cherry was aware of the eyes on her. She tried to calm herself down and pretended not to care. She turned to one of the attendants and asked, “Excuse me, where is Room 309?”

“This way, please follow me.”

The attendant led Cherry through the resplendent hall and several white corridors. Finally, they stopped in front of a private room.

Staring at the door number, Cherry hesitated before pushing the door open.

The room was dim, the music was deafening and the smoke was kind of choking. Men and women were singing and dancing, and a few bolder ones were hugging and kissing as if no one was watching!

When the door opened, everyone looked at the new guest and was stunned by Cherry’s looks.

Melvin, who was sitting in a dark corner, drinking his red wine, raised his eyebrows at the new entry. It was her!

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